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PR: Elfin MS8 Clubman to Make Competition Debut

18 January 2005, 17:26

While the V8 Supercar season doesn’t start until early March, Garry Rogers Motorsport driver Cameron McConville will have an early season hit-out in next weekend’s Mount Buller Sprint hillclimb in Victoria.

The 30-year-old will drive the awesome Elfin MS8 Clubman in the second running of the event in a field that includes exotic and historic cars from all makes. It is the world competition debut of the 5.7-litre Gen III V8-powered pocket rocket.

To be held on January 21-23, the event is held on closed roads covering 16 kilometres, where drivers will rise over 1000 metres in altitude along the Mt Buller Tourist Road to the Alpine Village atop Mount Buller. Competitors have eight timed runs on the special stage.

Cameron McConville and Elfin joint Managing Director Nick Kovatch
with the MS8 Clubman

“I’ve had a chance to have a drive of the Elfin and it’s an impressive piece of equipment,” said McConville, who will return for his second season with GRM in 2005.

“John Stevenson from Holden asked me if I’d like to do the duties so I had no hesitation in putting my hand up. I’ve got no real idea where it will be placed in the overall order but it will be a real head-turner and, without much weight to carry, the V8 will be in its element climbing the hill.”

McConville and navigator Gerry Bashford will be up against fellow high-profile drivers Jim Richards and Alex Davison, the latter having won last year’s inaugural event in a Porsche.

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