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T O P I C    R E V I E W
mikeamerica84 Posted - 15 Jan 2020 : 07:55:15

As 2020 has arrived, it is my intention to continue with running the V8 Central Fantasy League.

Please use this thread as a chat room for all issues and topics associated with the aforementioned league. As time goes by, signups, registration, team roster changes, etc., will be associated with the proper threads to be created soon.

A few things I would like to point it is that the basic format of the V8CFL will remain the same. There will be some tweaks, however. I would like to hear some of your feedback with respect to what I am thinking of doing for 2020. The tweaks center around tiebreakers.

Now, the last thing I want to happen is a tie for any round. The 2019 tiebreaker was the Group F drivers. This worked well, however, when identical team rosters meet, the tiebreaker was decided in favor of the lower ranked team on the table amongst the tied.

For 2020, I would like to change this up a little, and said idea came to me while watching BTCC. BTCC uses ballast weight. The higher up the ladder you are, the more ballast you have to carry. The V8CFL can do this with "points ballast". I am thinking of giving out one point more, per round, based on where the competitor is on the table.

Last year we had 21 members. So, a typical race, before any points are tallied, would be to issue an inverted number of points per position.

1st - none
2nd - 1
3rd - 2
4th - 3..... and so on to
19th - 18
20th - 19
21st - 20

This will eliminate ALL ties EVERY race. However, it will also keep the field tighter, as some members will be getting up to 20 points extra for each race of that weekend. Some may like this idea, some may not. It is a tad gimmicky, but it will work. I also think that the ballast points will even out over the course of the season, too. Should we use them for the mano-o-mano Tournament, though?

If we do not do THIS, my next option would be, for identical teams, to somehow determine which Group F driver would be the first tiebeaker. Not so much the higher finisher per race in Group F, but a designated Group F #1.

Let's say the tied competitors have Jack Smith and Macauley Jones as their Group F pilots. We'll rotate the first Group F driver every round, whereas one week one competitor will have Smith as their first Group F driver, while the other has Jones as their's. The next round, we flip flop them - as long as the rest of the rosters are identical. This format might also spread the identical camps out a bit over the long haul.

We could also include MORE Group F drivers, but when rosters are identical, rosters are identical.

I could also step in and make the rosters NOT identical by negating a roster move, but I would rather not have to step in like that. The less government, the better, in this case. However, I might have to implement this option if we come out of the gates with identical team rosters for two or more competitors.

So early on, tiebreakers are my main issue.

The life of a Tsar is tough sometimes. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. I mean, look what happened in Russia to Nicholas II back in 1917:

The riled up Bolsheviks stormed his Winter palace and the next thing you know, our good mate Nick received the highest form of criticism - assassination.

I would like to suggest that there no need for such violence in the V8CFL. If anyone wants to try for a revolt or coup, without putting up a fight, I will give you the V8CFL, the palace, the crown, the jewels, and even my old lady. Just let me slip out the back door with a few beers.

Chat on men, and let us enjoy the upcoming 2020 season.
15   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
TheArrow Posted - 03 Jul 2020 : 21:50:25
Looking at the results from last week it looks like it's gonna be another one of those years for The Arrow Motorsport...
mikeamerica84 Posted - 20 Feb 2020 : 19:50:16
With Chris Pither piloting the 22 car this round I modified the Team Registration thread to reflect that.



The 2020 V8CFL Tournament divisions and schedule are out.

Having an odd number for total members, 15, there will be at least one BYE each round, for the races are mano a mano. At no round will there be a menage a trois. At least on the track that is.

Also, with one less round this year, that leaves us with 13 rounds. Note that in the V8CFL Tournament, Round 1 is not used. The last few rounds are the Post Season.

Because of these numbers, 13 and 15, there will be two rounds where three teams have a BYE that weekend. The other rounds it will only be one team with a BYE.

We need 11 rounds for the Regular Season for all teams to have their BYE round. That only leaves two rounds for the Post Season - Sandown and Newcastle. Because of this there will only be four teams making the Post Season. They will be the three individual division champs and the next best record of the rest of the field (a wildcard).

There will be, however, a consolation championship round for the two teams with best records that did NOT make the Post Season. This consolation match will be at Newcastle, on the "undercard" for the main event.

Each team will race every other team in their division once. That will encompass four rounds. Then minus the BYE, the remaining six rounds will be against opponents at large from other divisions for a total of ten matches.

As in years' past, and in the rules, total points for the round count as your score. Obviously for Tailem Bend and Bathurst there is only one race for those rounds.

Best record tiebreakers, as specified in the rules:

1 - Best Division record
2 - Largest winning point MARGIN in any round

We could easily have Division Records at 2-2, for there are only four matches - an even number to boot. This makes the latter tiebreaker extremely important. Time to "run up the score", so to speak.

This all starts at the AGP.



I have updated the Rules and Team Registration threads to reflect Alex Davison replacing James Courtney in the 19 car.



This pertains to the Eseries and Eseries only:

I am assuming the series will issue points based upon the current Virgin Australia Supercars series. If not, and no points are awarded, the 300 points and down from there system will be utilized for each venue. Not round, but venue.

For example, for this round, PI and Monza are two venues. PI will be the 150 points and down system and Monza the 300 points and down system. PI has two races, Monza one. I do not think this will happen, but the Eseries has been mum on points structure. Or at least I haven't seen one.



I have updated the team rosters with the car numbers for Zane Goddard (34) and Jake Kostecki (33).



My concerns with respect to my 8/4 entry (above) were for naught. The Eseries is issuing their own points. I am awaiting said issuing.


10/4 (again):

I have tallied the results for Round 1 and they are posted. Mind you, these are UNOFFICIAL. I got them from

I will keep my ear to the ground until the official results are out in accordance with

As it looks early on, Helix and Shogun Autosport have assumed the point.



Eseries results are up and official for both Round 1 and Round 2. There were some slight changes to Round 1 for the points formula is not exact as the Supercars points formula. A point here and a point there changed, but I received a free punt wherein cars are getting points even though they are not finishing 75% of the races. SVG did not do that at Monza, but still garnished points.

Just a lookahead to the rest of the season and the scoring formula.

Results are now posted on the Supercars website.



I got caught with the old double post on the Eseries thread so I thought I would bring it back over here:

Round 4 Results are posted. Jack Smith really showed his mettle this round, eh Helix? He has proved he is absolutely worthless. If he cannot stand up in THIS series, he better have a lot of cash to continue in the REAL game.

As for the results, they are unofficial. has, once again, faltered in posting results. I got my info off of Speedcafe. If anything changes in the next week, or so, I will adjust them as necessary.

Congrats to skaifeman on high points (total) this round. He and I both got off the low peg on number of race wins.

On a personal note, I will dislike Joey Logano for the rest of my life. He also let murph and I down. I thought, for sure, he would have SOMETHING - at least at the Glen.

On to Europe we go next week.



From here on out this thread will pertain to the current state-of-affairs with respect to the V8CFL. Anything to do with the Eseries is long gone and done.

For the last time I have (once again) re-shuffled the matchups for the 2020 V8CFL Tournament as the season has been trimmed by a couple of rounds from the previous schedule of a month, or so, ago.

All competitors will race six races. Four w/i their own division and two outside of their division.

The Post Season will commence with Symmons Plains and conclude the next round at SMP in December for the second weekend there.

The matchup schedule is now posted in the Tournament thread. We will commence this next weekend at SMP/Eastern Creek.

I would like to remind all of the tiebreakers for the Tournament:

1 - Best Division W-L record (four races each)
2 - Largest points differential in any Regular Season race
3 - Second largest points differential in any Regular Season race

I think parts two and three will come into play HEAVILY. Now is not the time to be good sports. Now is the time to run up the score.



Past the Midnight Thursday deadline for SMP. All team rosters are hereby locked down for the weekend.

Good luck to all.



With respect to the V8CFL Tournament, the Round 4 matchups that WOULD have been held at Winton and switched to SMP are hereby recognized by the V8CFL.

The V8CFL Tournament schedule has been changed to reflect this change. All mano-a-mano matchups are unchanged, only the venue is changed.

Maybe I should change the way I worded the above and try to find synonym for "change"?
Helix Posted - 13 Feb 2020 : 15:23:10
yeah i hope more sign up, the reigning champ hasnt signed up i dont think either, test day might be the key like you said
ignition Posted - 13 Feb 2020 : 11:44:14
i hope more people sign up after the test day, gives people the knowledge on how drivers may perform i guess
mikeamerica84 Posted - 12 Feb 2020 : 22:56:22
I'd like to thank all who had previously submitted a team roster and then had to add on Group F. I feel it is for the better that I changed horses in mid-stream.

Right now we are at ten members. A tad smaller than past seasons, but it will work fine for me. There is still about 8-9 days left to sign up. I just hope the final number of members is not a prime number, for that will throw a wrench into the Tournament with respect to breaking us up into equally sized divisions.

But I am not worrying either way. Life is good here these days. Hope it is good for you over there despite the havoc and disasters of the fires. Or at least getting better.
skaifeman Posted - 10 Feb 2020 : 13:49:19
Originally posted by mikeamerica84

Originally posted by skaifeman

Noted, and done.

I guess just one for splitting hairs... can we swap the order of our Group F throughout the year, at the price of a single trade (per re-shuffle), or free? Or not at all?

Group F has unlimited shuffling allowed.

You keep writing these rules, and I keep neglecting to read them.

mikeamerica84 Posted - 08 Feb 2020 : 12:41:10
Originally posted by skaifeman

Noted, and done.

I guess just one for splitting hairs... can we swap the order of our Group F throughout the year, at the price of a single trade (per re-shuffle), or free? Or not at all?

Group F has unlimited shuffling allowed. Now, if the second Tekno car falls through, wherever you have the 22 car in for order will just be deleted and the next car will move up to that spot - if the 22 car is not on the bottom to begin with.

skaifeman Posted - 08 Feb 2020 : 10:12:30
Noted, and done.

I guess just one for splitting hairs... can we swap the order of our Group F throughout the year, at the price of a single trade (per re-shuffle), or free? Or not at all?

mikeamerica84 Posted - 07 Feb 2020 : 23:21:29
I have come up with a solution for tiebreakers. Please follow along:

I have immediately instituted Group F cars into the V8CFL. These are cars 2, 3, 4, 22, 34, and 35. Six cars.

Everyone will choose ALL SIX cars in Group F and put them in an order, 1-6, with your first preference 1 and last preference 6. Like this:

1- 34
2- 4
3- 2
4- 22
5- 35
6- 3

If there are identical team rosters and Group E does not break the tie, Group F will be used with the preferred car (1) used first and the next car (2) used second, and so on. If rosters are identical with respect to Group F also, I will shuffle the order to make sure a tie can be broken. I hate to do this, but I will.

So, for all non-enduro rounds, Group E is not scored and used to break ties. If identical rosters are present, Group F will break the tie as noted above. Now this is only for identical rosters. If there are no identical rosters, Group F will NOT be used.

For Enduro Rounds, Group E will score points as noted in the rules, and Group F will be the tiebreakers. At no time will Group F ever score points - only break ties as noted above.

Now, this eliminates me having to implement a success ballast formula.

However, it also means that the following members must go back to the Team Formation Thread and choose your order of preference for all Group F drivers. If you do NOT do this, I will do it for you. This must be done prior to Adelaide.

SportsExtra Motorsport

Group F will also have unlimited changes for re-shuffling the order of preference for each round.

I hate to have to go back and have all who have signed up re-do their rosters, but this will head off what I can see as a freight train coming right at us after a few rounds.

The Rules thread and the Team Formation Thread have been updated to reflect this change. I also listed it as an amendment.

Thank you for your understanding. Believe me, this is better than success ballast and will prevail in the long run, along with getting the rest of the V8 cars in the V8CFL. I think I erred when I came up with my original format but feel this will play out well.
SportsExtra_Motorsport Posted - 07 Feb 2020 : 17:40:32

trying out some things

mikeamerica84 Posted - 06 Feb 2020 : 23:23:07
Early signups for the V8CFL are progressing well. No duplicate teams.

A couple of things, though: If the Tekno/Sydney deal goes sideways and Courtney loses his ride, whoever has chosen the 19 car will be short a car. If this becomes the case, I will assign any team who "lost" the 19 car with whatever car has been chosen the least in Group E at that time, free of charge, and without penalty. I feel that would be fair.

Also, I am playing it by ear with respect to identical teams for Round 1. If that is the case I can implement Group F effective immediately. However that could hit a snag for all Team Principals will have to submit a Group F (choices) and that might not get done before the round starts.

I'll come up with something. Anyone with any ideas for a Round 1 tiebreaker? After that, if I have to go to ballast, it will work itself out. Only Round 1 will be the tricky one.<-- Did I just say that?
ignition Posted - 06 Feb 2020 : 13:20:00
Originally posted by skaifeman

That wins.
Maybe a blue edition for the sister car?

might work on a 2000 spinoff for the second car me thinks

thank you for the kind words gentlemen!


skaifeman Posted - 06 Feb 2020 : 12:59:17
That wins.
Maybe a blue edition for the sister car?

SportsExtra_Motorsport Posted - 06 Feb 2020 : 12:23:39
Originally posted by ignition

it's been a few years since I decided to participate in livery designing, so...

Ford Performance Racing's 2020 Fantasy League livery

thought i'd continue the tradition

Actually love this one!
mikeamerica84 Posted - 03 Feb 2020 : 18:28:53
2020 rules and format are posted, men.

Some notable changes:

Five groups. Not all cars/drivers are listed - only 18.

Group E is the tiebreaker group, but with drivers of a higher caliber than last season.

Groups A-D score for non-enduro rounds. For Enduro Rounds, all groups, A-E will score.

Four total changes for Groups A-D throughout the season. Two total changes for Group E.

If any identical teams are formed, for tiebreaking purposes, a success ballast formula will be implemented. Prior to each round, additional points will be given to each team based on their table position:

1 +1 point
2 +2 points
3 +3 points
4 +4 points
5 +5 points
6 +6 points, and so on.

Said ballast will be added prior to the round, affecting all teams in one way shape or form, and not changed throughout that round. Now, this is only if we have any identical teams.

So...... let us not try for identical teams.

Any questions, feel free to fire away.



A little clarification on the format for 2020, as I have been asked a few times via PM:

The reason I left out the Garry Jacobsons, Bryce Fullwoods, Jack Smiths, etc., is because I wanted the tiebreakers to be settled in a "higher" class of drivers. Nothing against the aforementioned.

As signups go on, there could be an issue arising where we could get identical teams right off the bat. If that is the case I will have to come up with some type of team difference for Adelaide and I may employ the Garry Jacobsons, Bryce Fullwoods, Jack Smiths, etc., in some way, shape, or form. For Round 1 I cannot use success ballast.

I wanted the Enduro Rounds to stand out from the rest, too, hence the scoring of the Group E drivers. Now, for the Enduros, I could possibly put the Garry Jacobsons, Bryce Fullwoods, Jack Smiths, etc., back in the mix and use THEM for the tiebreakers, but that will be determined down the line. I hate to change the format now that I have started the campaign, but I have the capability to do so. Maybe when we start closing in on the Enduro Rounds I'll bring in a Group F for those three rounds? I have amended the rules to note this possibly occurring. Perhaps after a few rounds we could take up a vote to bring in Group F for the Enduros? To be continued....

Thanks for starting the Paint Shed, Arrow. That will only help the V8CFL.

SportsExtra Motorsport, your Nissan SUV morph is fine with me. Not a car, but.... close enough. Besides, with your livery abilities, you could enter a school bus and it would look like a race car.

But we are off and running men. You don't know what hurdles you are going to hit until you do so.



I have created a Current/Approved Teams thread for all members. All cars per team are shown along with the choice comparison for all groups. It will be updated as we go, of course. Please check your rosters for errors.

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