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 IRL - Briscoe bagged as dangerous
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Premenstrual Icelandic Wombat

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Posted - 24 May 2007 :  15:44:13  Show Profile Send jamolad a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Not sure if IRL belongs in here or in Champ car, so apologies if wrong area and/or if this is already posted...,8659,21781892-23770,00.html

Female driver lashes Brisco
May 23, 2007 AMERICAN glamour driver Danica Patrick has accused young Australian Ryan Briscoe of being a reckless racer as the two prepare for this weekend's Indianapolis 500, the world's most famous race.

Briscoe and Patrick will start from seventh and eighth on the grid for the 91st running of the classic on Sunday.

The 25-year-old from Sydney, who is a regular driver for Roger Penske's Porsche outfit in the American LeMans Series, will drive a car co-owned by Penske's son Jay.

At his debut at Indianapolis in 2005, Briscoe finished 10th.

Patrick will be making her third start in the Indy 500 driving for Michael Andretti's Andretti Green Racing.

Patrick, who two years ago became the first woman to lead an Indy 500, lashed Briscoe's driving.

"I would say this to his face, so I'm not saying anything out of line, but he crashes," Patrick told the New Jersey Express-Times.

"I've seen it before, I've been a victim sometimes when he just has some brain fade."

Penske's Porsches dice with Andretti Green Acuras in the ALMS and Patrick was quick to point to an incident earlier in the season.

"I was watching the ALMS race (at St. Petersburg, Florida) with our Acura car and he crashed into Marino (Franchitti, Andretti Greens ALMS driver)," she said.

Briscoe, who had a terrifying accident at Chicagoland in an Indy Racing League race in 2005, seemed stunned by the accusation he was a dangerous driver.

"Me, I don't think so," he said. "But obviously in the past I've had my accidents, so no, let's just wait and see how the race pans out."

Patrick admitted Briscoe was talented however.

"He is fast, there is no doubt about it," she said.

"He's driving for Penske, he wouldn't be driving for Penske if he wasn't fast.

"But whether or not he can get that together and finish the race and be smart, that's the other half of it."

Briscoe will head into the Indianapolis 500 full of confidence after winning last weekend's Utah Grand Prix, round five of the ALMS.

Briscoe and teammate Sascha Maassen beat the more powerful Audi R10 of Allan McNish and Rinaldo Capello by a comfortable 10 seconds but the Australian now faces the challenge of adapting to an Indy car.

"Going into Indy with a fresh win under my belt is the perfect scenario, but racing an Indy car on an oval is completely different to racing a sports car on a road track so I will need to re-adjust my driving style," Briscoe said.

My opinion is that calling him dangerous is going too far - your thoughts?

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Posted - 24 May 2007 :  19:14:59  Show Profile Send HRTKLR a Private Message  Reply with Quote Copy this URL to Link to this Reply
My thoughts are that she's a show pony who hasnt yet proven anything other than she's alright to look at.

My other thought is IRL is a joke.

Hopefully Briscoe gives her a towelling in the race.
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Fujitsu Driver

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Posted - 24 May 2007 :  20:44:54  Show Profile  Visit xtreme's Homepage  Click to see xtreme's MSN Messenger address Send xtreme a Private Message  Reply with Quote Copy this URL to Link to this Reply
Originally quoted from Danica Patrick

"He's driving for Penske, he wouldn't be driving for Penske if he wasn't fast."

To get a call up for Indy with what is effectively a satellite Penske car must mean for Danica, her claim to fame is leading a motor race and being promotable. Both those Ryan has as well just that he can win and is willing to take the little extra risk to get the job done. He can outqualify her by just jumping in the car, he doesn't need to settle in, and don't forget he was in F1

Originally posted by jamolad

Briscoe and teammate Sascha Maassen beat the more powerful Audi R10 of Allan McNish and Rinaldo Capello by a comfortable 10 seconds.

No easy he is worthy of his qualifying spot and worthy of a race spot

Edit: This years race isn't being shows free to air tv is it?

Edited by - xtreme on 25 May 2007 17:14:05
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Posted - 25 May 2007 :  18:32:46  Show Profile Send Sonic a Private Message  Reply with Quote Copy this URL to Link to this Reply
don't think so... i haven't seen it on free to air for some time... a shame we don't get the big races at least like this and the Daytona 500 in Nascars... even tho we may have limited viewers in comparison with the states you'd think that there would have to be enough to get someone at one of the stations to put on the major races... a shame to miss another big race :(

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Fujitsu Driver

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Posted - 25 May 2007 :  20:10:58  Show Profile  Visit xtreme's Homepage  Click to see xtreme's MSN Messenger address Send xtreme a Private Message  Reply with Quote Copy this URL to Link to this Reply
And it would be at night anyway so it won't cut into Big Brother or Home and Away...It is a shame
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Pit Crew

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Posted - 28 May 2007 :  12:35:19  Show Profile  Click to see bjcook's MSN Messenger address  Send bjcook a Yahoo! Message Send bjcook a Private Message  Reply with Quote Copy this URL to Link to this Reply
It comes from Sears Point (infinion) 2005, where Ryan punter her off when he was lapping her. She was over 5 sec a lap slower & still holds a grudge by the look of it.
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Team Manager

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Posted - 30 May 2007 :  12:56:40  Show Profile Send PVDA a Private Message  Reply with Quote Copy this URL to Link to this Reply
Briscoe 5th
Patrick 8th.

Me thinks actions speak louder than words BUT I will say pit strategy came into play when the rain hit.
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