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Pit Crew

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Posted - 11 Dec 2007 :  09:36:10  Show Profile Send Dasher a Private Message  Reply with Quote
VS Commodore built by Action Racing.
Chrome Molly cage in ready to race configuration.

Fast Top 5 car, sparingly raced,

2009 Round 1 Winner at Wakefield Park with 2 Race Wins

1 Round Win - 4 Race Wins - 3 Podium finishes for 2008.
3rd place Overall Rd 6 Sandown November 2008
Round Winner Round 4 Phillip Island August 2008
3 Race Wins Round 4 Phillip Island August 2008
Race Winner & 2nd Overall Round 2 Phillip Island June 2008

Qualified 4th at Rd 6 Sandown November 2008
Qualified 3rd at Rd 5 Mallala November 2008
Qualified 3rd at Rd 4 Phillip Island August 2008
Qualified 4th at Rd 3 Eastern Creek July 2008
Qualified Provisional Pole at Rd 2 Phillip Island June 2008,
Qualified Provisional Pole at Rd 1 Oran Park April 2008

Existing Car Package

Engine with Alloy Heads
MODENA Dog Box & Long Engineering Shifter
New Tail shaft
New Lightweight Diff with 31 spline Modena Bullnose axles
ROMAC floating hubs & spool with 3.7 CWP
RACE RADIATORS Aluminum Radiator
New exhaust system
MOTEC ADL Dash & Loom with Pro Logging enabled with RPM, Oil Pressure, Engine, Gear Box, Diff & Oil Temp sensors, Speed, Throttle Position, Lambda, Brake Pressure Sensors and Timing Beacon.
SCORCHER Distributor
High Torque Starter Motor

SPARES included WITH above package
Two ROH Reflex wheels and 8 tires
One pair adjustable Front uprights
One pair Rear Calipers
One 3.23 CWP
Various other Spares like Headlights,Blinkers,Taillights,Panels

One Spare Engine & One pair of Cast Heads also available not included in spares package.

Price: $POA Neg.
Region: VIC
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"Nobody has ever completed the perfect lap of any circuit"

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Posted - 18 Jun 2008 :  18:20:57  Show Profile  Visit Hati's Homepage Send Hati a Private Message  Reply with Quote Copy this URL to Link to this Reply
I would remove the email addie if I was you. People here can use the PM system to get your address, that way no chance of spam bots siphoning it up.

Edit: just noticed where this thread is. We have a dedicated section for selling stuff, including race cars.

If you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all

Edited by - Hati on 18 Jun 2008 18:21:45
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