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 2019 V8CFL - Rules/Format
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Posted - 16 Feb 2019 :  08:46:09  Show Profile Send mikeamerica84 a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Each V8 Central Fantasy League member chooses the allotted number of cars per group (seven total). Any write-in car, such as wildcards, will be considered Group F/Field cars. You will also choose a car manufacturer for your team. PLEASE USE THE 2019 TEAM REGISTRATION THREAD TO DO THIS.

Group A (Choose 1):

17  Scott McLaughlin
97  Shane van Gisbergen

Group B (Choose 1):

9   David Reynolds
12  Fabian Coulthard
55  Chaz Mostert
88  Jamie Whincup

Group C (Choose 1):

2   Scott Pye
15  Rick Kelly
18  Mark Winterbottom

Group D (Choose 1):

6   Cameron Waters
14  Tim Slade
22  James Courtney
23  Will Davison

Group E (Choose 1)

5   Lee Holdsworth
8   Nick Percat
99  Anton de Pasquale

Group F - The Field (Choose 2):

3   Garry Jacobson
7   Andre Heimgartner
19  Jack Le Brocq
21  Macauley Jones
33  Richie Stanaway
34  James Golding
35  Todd Hazelwood
78  Simona De Silvestro
Write in:______________

Manufacturer (Choose 1):

Open to ANY type of proper model/make for our series and not limited to what is currently run, that being Ford, Holden, and Nissan.

Throughout the season, a maximum of four car changes (total) will be allowed in Groups A through E. Unlimited changes will be allowed in Group F. These changes can be made at any time. Car changes made prior to Midnight Thursday prior to the upcoming weekend round will go into effect for that round. Changes after Midnight Thursday, Sydney, NSW time, will go into effect for the next round. Sydney, NSW time, will be used for he V8CFL with respect to time stamps for all rounds.

Car changes must be made within the same group.

Points are scored by cars – not drivers. For example, if you have Car 2 on your team, Scott Pye is the driver to start Adelaide with. If he vacates Car 2, for whatever reason, and a replacement driver takes over, you will still have Car 2 on your team. If Pye subsequently starts driving Car 14, and you do not have Car 14 on your team, you do not have Pye as a driver. You still have Car 2 unless you change cars in that respective group. Car 2 gets you points. Car 14 does not – unless you make a change to pick up THAT car in that group.

For Enduro rounds, whoever pairs up with the drivers in your cars, is on your team, but the car still gets the points – whoever is driving.

Please use the applicable Team Registration thread to make changes. Do not PM me with them. I want everything out in the open for all to see.


Points and scoring:

Each RACE will be scored for points. Your total point tally from all of your team cars will be used to determine where you finish for the given race (scoring noted two paragraphs below).

Then whatever points per race the Virgin Australia Supercars are issuing for that given race, the V8CFL will also issue, based upon where you finished with your total point tally. For example, winners will receive either 300, 150, or 75 points. NOT 500, or so, which would be your total team tally.

New: For all races, only your five cars associated with Groups A though E will score points this year.

Your two cars in Group F (The Field) will only be utilized for tiebreaking purposes. They will not score points. Hence, if there are participants tied in points after all five Group A through E cars are scored, the highest finisher in Group F will break the tie. It does not matter where your Groups A through E cars finish, Group F will decide the tie. Each participant will have two cars in Group F so there is a high probability the tie WILL be broken here.

Sometimes teams change car numbers for various purposes. A change in car number from 17 to 300, for example, does not exclude the 17 Car from scoring. It will be recognized without saying that the 300 Car is/was/will be the 17 Car and scored applicably.

Tiebreakers (in conclusion):

All ties will be broken using the following formula:


1) Highest finishing Group F car (points-wise) in race.

2) If tied, second highest finishing Group F car (points-wise).

3) If the applicable Group F cars do NOT break the tie (both cars the same on each team), the highest finishing Group A through E car (points-wise) will then break the tie. If that is a tie, the second highest (points-wise), and so on until the tie is broken.

3) If tied after THAT (identical team rosters) the team lowest on the table will prevail. If teams are identical going into season, a coin flip will by utilized to determine the who prevails for the first race.

All members joining late, or mid-season, will receive last place points for the previous rounds missed in an order to blend into the table more smoothly.

PENALTIES: Any points penalties levied against any team or driver by Virgin Australia Supercars will be fully recognized by the V8CFL. Said penalty, however, must be assessed due to a violation during a race, or post race inspection.

If a penalty is levied against a driver or team for a rules violation during qualification, practice, or something bizarre such as a pit garage fight/scuffle, the V8CFL will NOT recognize the penalty. It must be directly related to the racing, or race incident.

2019 V8CFL and 2019 V8CFL Tournament:

The V8CFL portion will pretty much be like last season with the exception of the rule changes (above).

The V8CFL Tournament portion will be the same format. There will be 21 teams, split into three divisions. It will be separate contest from the Table.

To inform any NEW members as to how this will look, just check out any professional sport from the USA – the NFL, NBA, NHL, etc. Teams are broken down into divisions and conferences.

Everyone will race a specific V8CFL member one v. one each round. We will keep W-L records.

Tournament scores will only utilize the cars which score V8CFL points from each race, totaled together for a final score. Each race will accumulate points, but the overall ROUND score will be the final score for that weekend. So, the bottom line is whatever your V8CFL bag of points that all of your Group A through E Cars score for the given ROUND, that is your point total in the Tournament.

The last few rounds will be the Playoffs. The number of the Playoff rounds will vary dependent upon how many teams are in the Tournament. The qualification for the Playoffs will be determined once how many teams are entered has been finalized, based upon W-L records.

If overall W-L records are tied the tiebreakers will be as follows:

1 - Best Division W-L record
2 - Largest points differential in any Regular Season race
3 - Second largest points differential in any Regular Season race

If individual round matchups are tied, the highest point total of any race will decide the winner. If it is tied after that, or it is an Enduro Round (one race), the V8CFL Table tiebreaking formula will be utilized. For non-Enduro Rounds, Race 1 will decide the tiebreaker. If tied after that, Race 2, and so on. If all is tied all the way through (identical teams) a coin flip will be utilized.

The Adelaide Round will once again NOT be part of the Tournament. The AGP Round will kickoff the 2019 Tournament. Again, I am leaving Adelaide out due to people signing up at the last minute. Once the season starts, the Tournament schedule can then be created and started with Round 2.


Media Center:

The Arrow will be in charge of this department for 2019. His rules will be posted.


Please feel free to ask questions on this thread, and this thread only, so all rules/points breakdowns will be clear to all. Chances are, if YOU have a question, someone else has the same question. Ask.

I reserve the right for final say in rules.


So, in conclusion for 2019:

V8CFL: Each race will be scored for points. However, All Group A through E cars (five total) count for points. Group F will not.

No longer is total car scoring different from the Enduro and AGP Rounds. All rounds score using the same format/formula. Last year we had more cars scoring for Enduro Rounds and the bottom group cars scoring for the AGP Round.

Group F does NOT count for scoring points and will only be used as part of the tiebreaking formula (reference above). If Group F does not break the tie, then we will revert back to the previous years’ tiebreaking system wherein the highest finishing of the Group A through E cars will eventually break it.

V8CFL Tournament: Group A through E Cars each race will score points. Total ROUND points for all rounds will be used for final tally and to determine round victor. Hence you will either win or lose only once per round.


Thank you for participating in 2019. Deadline for signup is MIDNIGHT FRIDAY NIGHT PRIOR TO ADELAIDE.

The V8CFL - Without fantasy, life is simply life

Edited by - mikeamerica84 on 05 Mar 2019 02:49:24
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