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Welcome to V8Centralpedia.

The owners of V8 Central have made V8 Central Wiki available for the collection of Australian motorsport and motorsport related information.

"Wikis" are open source online encyclopedias, where anyone is free to add and edit articles in the Wiki.

Copying of information from any source (other then open source) may infringe copyright, so please check first.

All articles should not be biased in anyway. If you have views to express the forum is the place.

This wiki contains information about:

  • Circuits - Australian circuits both past and present.
  • Drivers - driver profiles from domestic racing and Australian internationals.
  • Teams - team profiles from domestic racing and Australian internationals.
  • Flags - flags used at motorsport events.

Other Information

  • Help Us Expand
  • Pages that need work (articles which have links to them but don't exist).
  • Any page can be updated with new or better information.
  • Red links mean that the page needs to be started.
  • Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

What is this for?

This wiki was created so that the V8Central community can create a single source of facts focusing on motorsport from Australia.

Getting started

Please help by contributing in any way you can.