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Repco Supercars Championship / One Hand on the Trophy
November 07, 2023, 09:30:27 AM
Lets be real. This Championship is Kostecki's, unless he pulls a DNF for one of the races.
Looking back, we haven't had someone rise this quickly to Championship winning material for 20 years.

Whincup took 5 seasons to win his first.
McLaughlin 6
SVG 9.5
Winterbottom 12
Courtney 5
Tander 9.5
Kelly 5
Ingall 10

Back to 2003, Ambrose won his first title in 3 seasons. Kostecki is about to match that.

'The Kid' Lowndes obvoiusly had the dream start with a win in his first full-time season. And the early days of the ATCC startup obviously saw multiple winners on their first try - McKay, Pitt, Jane.
Gets harder to track beyond that as entrants would only attend certain races throughout the year, a 'full-time' season wasn't really a thing.

Is Kostecki going to be a mainstay at the top? Despite the season we've had, Erebus have beaten 888 and SVG on merit.
Do we see Erebus keeping 888 down ala Penske?
We always say we'll see where everyone is at after Bathurst in regard to the Championship.
Well here we are, with two events, four races, 1000km's and 600pts remaining. Gold Coast and Adelaide.

Everyone down to 5th technically has a chance. Kostecki, SVG, Brown, Feeney and Mostert.
However it's highly likely that after the GC it'll only be Kostecki and SVG in with a mathematical shot.

Given Erebus' form, I reckon Kostecki has one hand on the trophy. He can just finish a few spots behind SVG every race and he still runs away with it.
A Kostecki DNF will make it interesting, whilst an SVG DNF will be the fat lady singing.

Can Ford's coming parity update ruffle some feathers?
What role with Feeney and Brown play? Especially with Brown heading to 888 next year...
Repco Supercars Championship / Anton’s Timing
October 09, 2023, 07:05:27 PM
This is a bit of an "if, buts and maybe's" thread, but how about ADP's timing of moving to DJR.

Finishing behind 888 and Erebus got me thinking.

At the time he was touted as the Whincup replacement. He leaves Erebus to goto DJR.
Both the team that he was looking at going to (888), and his current team (at the time, Erebus) will have won all 3 Championships and 2/3 Bathurst's along with the majority of races since.

I really thought that one weekend that he DOMINATED at SMP was a sign of things to come for both he and DJR post the Penske break up.
Repco Supercars Championship / Ford IN for one more year
September 20, 2023, 09:26:57 AM

Contrary to many readings in the Speedcafe and Facebook comments, Ford will stick around for at least another year. Good.

Supercars need to sort their stuff out, and keep them beyond this.
SVG has walled it in their pre-enduro test.

Loose line fitting on the caliper the reason:

Fixed at the track and Stanaway got some laps in at the end.
Brodie with the pole and the win.
9 Mustang's in the top 15 and probably had a proper shot at the win had Randle and Mostert not battled for 2nd for so long.

Supercars already showing their inconsistency with Waters tapping SVG around the rear wheel and not needing to redress.
Nonetheless SVG didn't have pace for him.

Waters also unhappy with the team call. "Won't do it again." The next SVG? - it's good to see contrasting the bromance over at Erebus.
No spoilers needed :).

Good to be back, let's chat Darwin. Great looking cars, surprise results. Was awesome to see Frosty crack a win!
Parity needs adjusting, even comments that it's aero as well now.

Feeney is starting to seem like a dark horse for the title. There's a bit of Rick Kelly about him, in terms of fast and consistent. SVG, Brown and Kostecki all have their dramas and he just plugs away.
General / GT - 2023 Challenge Endurance Cup
May 25, 2023, 12:04:28 PM
Looks like Mostert is getting a crack at Spa with Kenny Habul's Merc:

He's picked up some trophies in the Bimmer, no reason he can't perform here. What an awesome opportunity, Spa.


Lawrence Stroll and Aston Martin think that the term may yet exist!
I always read these articles knowing that whoever is spruiking it is likely grabbing a lot of 'grey area' sales and adding them to the 'Motorsport' data.

He took over in 2020 and the company has seemingly been chasing its tail since covid, only now showing somewhat of a turnaround (yet still in debt).

There is some method to the madness, Volvo's entry to Supercars did wonders for the brand - with Australian dealers completely against the move to pull out when they did.
TA2 / Trans Am 2023
May 18, 2023, 10:41:44 AM
From my understanding the Speedseries TA2 and TransAm categories are one in the same (sharing regs?)

How about the Phillip Island racing! Some awesome battling with Nash Morris and co.
Nash showed real craftsmanship, placing the car just so - similar to Kostecki at Perth.

Race 1:

Race 2:

Race 3:
Repco Supercars Championship / Silly Season 2024
May 03, 2023, 09:09:54 AM
Actually surprised this hasn't been started yet... we usually get it going in Feb or so!

Both ADP and Davo are accounted for in 2024, with DJR:

DJR, 888 and Erebus are now all locked in.
I'm guessing end of 2024 is when a few will come off contract - I think all of the above will be (Feeney, SVG, Davo, ADP, Brown & Kostecki). 2025 is when things will get a shake-up.
Weekend starts today with a practice session.

Will be interesting to see what the 5kg and engine tune does...
Repco Supercars Championship / 2023 Calendar
November 23, 2022, 02:07:58 PM
...and here it is:

No NZ track, which is a shame for those across the ditch. Plans to have one in 2024.
To keep the spoliers tradition going 8) 8).

Mostert tops P1 with Fullwood in the wall.
Brown P2 and JC P3.
Repco Supercars Championship / Livery Concepts
May 10, 2022, 03:19:05 PM
Thought it best to start a concepts thread that designers can post into, rather than the year specific ones already existing.

ssMedia have done a great render of the WAU Mustang that I thought was worthwhile showing:
TCR Australia / 2022 Season
February 03, 2022, 12:53:12 PM
Season launch was today at SMP.
Fabs will appear in the 'celebrity' Stan sponsored Honda. Stan will hold the TV rights - they seem to be making a big move in the fringe sporting market, challenging Foxtel.

Repco Supercars Championship / 2022 Liveries
January 26, 2022, 09:22:50 AM
I know REM posted this in the Silly 2022 thread already, but I think it best to start a livery thread for throughout the year.
Surprised no one has revealed until now!

December 1
January 26
February 3
February 15
February 16 & 17
February 17
February 19
February 21
February 21
February 21
February 21
February 21
February 22
February 22
February 23
February 28
Tickford / Randle
Grove Racing
Matt Stone Racing
Blanchard Racing Team
BJR / Heimgartner
Erebus Motorsport
BJR / Smith
PremiAIR Racing
Team 18 / Winterbottom
Tickford / Kostecki
Tickford / Waters
BJR / Fullwood and Jones
Team18 / Pye
Tickford / Courtney

Penrite kick us off with their expanded sponsorship of Grove.
Only differences are the white/red fins on the splitter - that I've noticed.

Repco Supercars Championship / New CEO and RACE Board
January 18, 2022, 08:56:39 AM
Surprised this hasn't come up given the grief that the previous have forsaken us with (tongue in cheek).

Shane Howard new Supercars CEO as of Feb 1:

RACE Board Members:

Barclay Nettlefold - Chairman
Mark Skaife
John McMellan
Barry Rogers
Steve Macaw
Jure Domazet
Neil Crompton - Commission Chair

Great mix of current Supercars staff and new investors, lets hope they continue to offer a better Motorsport 'package' for Australia.
Nostalgia / The Golden Child
January 16, 2022, 10:09:07 PM
I know this car has history, certainly in the conversation, and arguably the best, but $2.8mil has got to be a bit steep?
First thing I'd do is panel it back up as the 2002 VX. As it finished after winning the '01 and '02 majors, rather than the '03 Adelaide 500.