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Speedway / Brooke Tatnell
« on: October 26, 2021, 10:14:14 AM »
I was watching the Sprintcars on speedweek last weekend and Brooke was out front and doing well. However, during a post race interview he was talking about things being down and people writing him off. While I realize that the WSS was probably from 2020 it makes me wonder what he was talking about.

It was clear that he had pace, and still had talent, unless he was talking about loosing his US seat in 2020?

does anyone know?

General / WEC
« on: July 07, 2021, 02:25:30 PM »
Not sure if anyone has been keeping up with the changes to the old LMP1 class, however, things have changed a lot this year and for the next couple of years.

This year has been a race between the Toyota's and the Alpine. While the Toyata has won both races so far this season the Alpine is catching up. The Alpine is effectively last year's Rebellion which a couple of updates.

You also have the newly released Glickenhaus which is a interesting project and certainly draws a different idea to the racing.

As a part of the Hypercar movement Peugeot have just released images of its racer for next season which is radically different even will not have a rear wing at all which I find very odd.

You also have Bykolles releasing their car soon and the big news to the Hypercar class is that Ferrari will be returning with a full works program which will be exciting to see them at Le Mans in 2022.

This will be expanding rapidly in the next couple of years as they have done a deal with the Daytona Prototype's so that they will also be classed as the top for Le Mans as a part of convergence between the two series. This has introduced Acura (Honda) BMW, Audi and Porsche all making a return to the top class and therefore you would think will all be making a tilt at Le Mans.

Could this be that there is a start of a missive resurgence at the top end of Le Mans. There is to be BOP between the hypercars and the LMDh so the racing will hopefully be very close across the board.

The only group that I really see any concerns with is the GTE Pro series. This will be dropped from the IMSA series and I cannot see Ferrari and Prosche both running factor teams in this as well as the Hypercar programs that could be a huge amount of money tied up then.

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