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V8 Supercar Fantasy League / Re: 2022 V8CFL - General Chat
« on: Yesterday at 01:11:48 PM »
I should have taken you up on that offer to change Mike haha..
Race one hurt me..

Live by the sword, die by the sword haha, and I chose that sword haha.

Awesome season again, and an amazing job as always Mike. I really appreciate what you do here, as I'm sure we all do.
I'll elaborate on what Riley is talking about:

I was out of roster changes.  He had quite a few left.  Other than the tiebreakers, the only difference between our teams was he had ADP and I had Chaz.  Had Riley switched out ADP for Chaz he could have iced me and left it up to the tiebreakers.  We would have then finished only one position apart and I would not have been able to make up the points difference even if I had won both races.

But Riley decided to take the gentleman's/sportsman's route and hold his cards (i.e. ADP).  The miscommunications between he and his DJR crew to pit put ADP way back, and that was that.

So, hats off to Riley for being a good sport and giving me a crack at it.   ;D

As for all of the thanks, you guys are more than welcome.  I enjoy doing this.  In a few weeks I'll start a thread for the 2023 season and we can all toss ideas out on the table as to how to possibly improve our product.  One thing I do wish to bring back is the Tournament.  That got knocked sideways after 2020 and the calendar changes for the Supercars.

V8 Supercar Fantasy League / Re: 2022 V8CFL - General Chat
« on: Yesterday at 10:17:20 AM »
Well done Mike, winning these ain't easy.
Hoping there's a burnout out the front of Helix's house by midnight 8).
He told me food and drinks are on him, too!

One thing I forgot to mention is the Stewards Summary.  The 35 car was penalized 30 points post race in Race 2 for the air hose/water container debacle.  That was reflected in the scoring.  This knocked K-Meista Motorsport down from a tie for the win, which they would have NOT prevailed via the tiebreaker, to a third place finish in the race.

IndyCar / Re: 2023 IndyCar Season
« on: Yesterday at 08:16:25 AM »
Not so much IndyCar, but I figured this was a good place to dump this article & link:

Newgarden and McLaughlin to Run Rolex 24 with Tower Motorsports
By Marshall Pruett | December 5, 2022 10:19 AM ET

Two-time NTT IndyCar Series champion Josef Newgarden and his Team Penske teammate, three-time Australian Supercars champion Scott McLaughlin, have been confirmed for their first Rolex 24 At Daytona appearance with Tower Motorsports.

The IndyCar stars join Chip Ganassi Racing development driver Kyffin Simpson and team owner/defending IMSA LMP2 champion John Farano in the No. 8 ORECA 07-Gibson V8.

“This is definitely an event that was on my bucket list, along with the 24 Hours of Le Mans, so I am beyond grateful for this opportunity,” Newgarden said. “We’re a group of very competitive people, and we all want to win,” said Newgarden. “I think this is a very exciting challenge and I believe this team can accomplish great things together. I have a close relationship with Scott (McLaughlin) as well and I couldn’t be happier to be doing this with him as teammates.”

McLaughlin added, “I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to race with this amazing group of drivers. This is a stellar lineup and a perfect chance to show what we can do together. This is a proven crew that clearly knows how to win races, and that’s exactly what we’re setting out to accomplish at Daytona.”

For Simpson, who will spend another season in Indy NXT under the guidance of HMD Motorsports, a return to IMSA, where he was part of the winning GTD team in October at Petit Le Mans, in an LMP2 car will be a step up in the WeatherTech SportsCar Championship.

“I’m proud to join Tower Motorsports in the LMP2 class at the 24 Hours of Daytona,” he said. “I’m thankful for John Farano’s support and am counting down the days to join him, Josef, Scott and the entire team. We’re looking forward to putting our best foot forward with our eyes set on victory lane.”

The new lineup presents Farano with a proper chance of finding success at IMSA’s season opener.

“Following last year’s successful season, we know we have the potential to challenge for a win at Daytona,” he said. “There’s nothing we want more than to expand on our strengths and pick up some more hardware when we cross that finish line.

“I’m elated to partner with Josef and Scott, who are seasoned pros and will undoubtedly bring that added spark and determination to the Team. I am equally excited to welcome the very talented Kyffin Simpson to our Team and looking forward to sharing our car with him for all the IMSA Michelin Endurance Cup races.”

V8 Supercar Fantasy League / Re: 2022 V8CFL - General Chat
« on: Yesterday at 06:55:57 AM »
Happy retirement.
Thanks, Steve.

Adelaide Results are posted along with the Final Table.

Race 1 podium:
1 - Super Seven Racing Aotearoa / formerlyHolden51 / Toyota Camry SX
2 - Ain’t Care Motorsports / skaifeman / Holden Commodore ZB
3 - R&K Motorsports / mikeamerica84 / Ford Mustang

Race 2 podium:
1 - R&K Motorsports / mikeamerica84 / Ford Mustang
2 - A1 SimSports / V8SuperRiley / Ford Mustang
3 - K-Miesta Motorsport / kennymiesta / Holden Commodore VF

As for the Championship, R&K Motorsports comes from slightly behind to pip A1 SimSports by 34 markers.  Ain't Care Motorsports vaults to third overall, despite not claiming a victory this season.

My first championship. :)

We'll see you all at the post race banquet over at Helix's house.  I am sure he will give you directions.

V8CFL Table / Through Round 13 – Final / Adelaide     Points      Race Finishes

                                                                  1st   2nd   3rd   4th   5th

1  R&K Motorsports              mikeamerica84         2930        7     3     4     1     3     084  Ford Mustang
2  A1 SimSports                 V8SuperRiley          2896        7     4     0     4     3       4  Ford Mustang
3  Ain’t Care Motorsports       skaifeman             2668        0     4     3     4     5      25  Holden Commodore ZB
4  K-Miesta Motorsport          kennymiesta           2646        1     2     6     5     2      51  Holden Commodore VF
5  The Arrow Mazda Motorsport   TheArrow              2617        3     1     3     2     6      57  Mazda6 GL
6  Bump and Run Racing          Troy01505             2601        3     4     2     2     0     015  Chevrolet Camaro HSV ZL1
7  Ecurie Escargot              stevo qld             2590        2     0     3     4     2      48  Ford Mustang
8  Shogun Autosport             Helix                 2557        3     0     1     2     5       1  Ford Mustang Gen 3
9  WOFTAM Racing                Professor             2550        1     2     3     4     4     696  Holden Commodore ZB
10 Pepsi Max Racing             CP                    2524        3     7     3     2     1      72N Ford Mustang
11 Super Seven Racing Aotearoa  formerlyHolden51      2521        2     4     3     0     0       7  Toyota Camry SX
12 TAA Performance              Jetpac-013            2435        1     3     1     3     1     013  Ford Mustang V6TT
13 Kalyara Racing Team          Kytabu                2341        1     0     2     1     2      23  Ford Focus ST V8



V8CFL Round 13 Race 1                                  V8CFL Points    Supercar Points

1  Super Seven Racing Aotearoa  formerlyHolden51       150             576
2  Ain’t Care Motorsports       skaifeman              138             567
3  R&K Motorsports              mikeamerica84          129             537
4  Ecurie Escargot              stevo qld              120             516
5  WOFTAM Racing                Professor              111             504
6  Bump and Run Racing          Troy01505              102             504
7  Kalyara Racing Team          Kytabu                  96             501
8  TAA Performance              Jetpac-013              90             489
9  The Arrow Mazda Motorsport   TheArrow                84             480
10 Shogun Autosport             Helix                   78             459
11 K-Miesta Motorsport          kennymiesta             72             453
12 A1 SimSports                 V8SuperRiley            69             450
13 Pepsi Max Racing             CP                      66             420

1  Super Seven Racing Aotearoa  formerlyHolden51        96 150 129  90 111   0   0 = 576
2  Ain’t Care Motorsports       skaifeman               96 150  90 120 111   0   0 = 567
3  R&K Motorsports              mikeamerica84           66 150  90 120 111   0   0 = 537
4  Ecurie Escargot              stevo qld               96 150  39 120 111   0   0 = 516
5  WOFTAM Racing                Professor               66 150 138  39 111   0   0 = 504 *
6  Bump and Run Racing          Troy01505               63 150  39  90 111  51   0 = 504
7  Kalyara Racing Team          Kytabu                  63 150 138  39 111   0   0 = 501
8  TAA Performance              Jetpac-013              63  96 129  90 111   0   0 = 489
9  The Arrow Mazda Motorsport   TheArrow                63  96  90 120 111   0   0 = 480
10 Shogun Autosport             Helix                   66  63 129  90 111   0   0 = 459
11 K-Miesta Motorsport          kennymiesta             63 150  39  90 111   0   0 = 453
12 A1 SimSports                 V8SuperRiley            66  63  90 120 111   0   0 = 450
13 Pepsi Max Racing             CP                      66  96 138 120   0   0   0 = 420

*  Car 8 finished 9th


V8CFL Round 13 Race 2                                  V8CFL Points    Supercar Points

1  R&K Motorsports              mikeamerica84          150             627
2  A1 SimSports                 V8SuperRiley           138             618
3  K-Miesta Motorsport          kennymiesta            129             597
4  Bump and Run Racing          Troy01505              120             585
5  Kalyara Racing Team          Kytabu                 111             567
6  WOFTAM Racing                Professor              102             558
7  Ain’t Care Motorsports       skaifeman               96             555
8  Shogun Autosport             Helix                   90             531
9  Super Seven Racing Aotearoa  formerlyHolden51        84             519
10 The Arrow Mazda Motorsport   TheArrow                78             495
11 TAA Performance              Jetpac-013              72             459
12 Ecurie Escargot              stevo qld               69             456
13 Pepsi Max Racing             CP                      66             402

1  R&K Motorsports              mikeamerica84          120 138 150  90  66  63   0 = 627
2  A1 SimSports                 V8SuperRiley           120 129 150  90  66  63   0 = 618
3  K-Miesta Motorsport          kennymiesta            129 138 102 150  66  12   0 = 597
4  Bump and Run Racing          Troy01505              129 138 102 150  66   0   0 = 585
5  Kalyara Racing Team          Kytabu                 129 138  69 102  66  63   0 = 567
6  WOFTAM Racing                Professor              120 138  69 102  66  63   0 = 558
7  Ain’t Care Motorsports       skaifeman               48 138 150  90  66  63   0 = 555
8  Shogun Autosport             Helix                  120 129  54 150  66  12   0 = 531
9  Super Seven Racing Aotearoa  formerlyHolden51        48 138  54 150  66  63   0 = 519
10 The Arrow Mazda Motorsport   TheArrow               129  48 150  90  66  12   0 = 495
11 TAA Performance              Jetpac-013             129  48  54 150  66  12   0 = 459
12 Ecurie Escargot              stevo qld               48 138 102  90  66  12   0 = 456
13 Pepsi Max Racing             CP                     120  48  69  90  63  12   0 = 402

Stewards Summary:

Racing Results:

V8 Supercar Fantasy League / Re: 2022 V8CFL - General Chat
« on: December 05, 2022, 08:59:55 AM »
Off for the next four days, men.  Give me about 24 hours to watch the Adelaide weekend and the results will be posted.

As always on tight weekends wherein I have to work, thanks for your patience.  However, on 15/1/23 I will be retiring and able to devote my FULL TIME to the V8CFL!   ;)

Formula One / Re: F1 2023 Season
« on: December 05, 2022, 08:56:52 AM »
Chinese Grand Prix Called Off Again for 2023
By Chris Medland | December 2, 2022 8:39 AM ET

The Chinese Grand Prix will not take place in 2023 due to ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, but Formula 1 is looking to replace the event to keep the calendar at 24 rounds.

China was the first race called off when the COVID pandemic hit in 2020 and has yet to return to the schedule despite being included over the past two seasons. With unrest in the country regarding ongoing restrictions, F1 has held discussions with the organizers to try and find a solution but has now confirmed the race will not take place next year as the sport cannot operate as it does at other events.

Removing the Shanghai International Circuit from the calendar leaves a slot available on April 16. While there had initially been speculation that the Azerbaijan Grand Prix on April 30 could move from its position as the first part of back-to-back weekends with Miami, it is understood F1 is speaking to multiple locations about replacing China instead.

RACER understands Portimao is the front-runner, at this stage having held two races during the pandemic-hit years of 2020 and 2021, but F1 is in discussions with a number of other potential host venues as it assesses the viability of each option. The Portuguese circuit would need to find an alternative solution for the FIA World Endurance Championship 6 Hours of Portimao that is currently due to be held on the same April 16 weekend.

This year, the cancellation of the Russian Grand Prix prompted F1 to explore alternatives but ultimately series management decided against a replacement for that September event and reduced the calendar to 22 races.

IndyCar / Re: 2023 IndyCar Season
« on: December 03, 2022, 10:15:38 AM »
Another Kiwi in IndyCars!


Armstrong Joins Ganassi for IndyCar Road/Street Courses
By Marshall Pruett | December 2, 2022 12:04 PM ET

​Chip Ganassi Racing will welcome another New Zealander to its team with the signing of Formula 2 veteran Marcus Armstrong to pilot its fourth entry on road and street courses. RACER understands the team continues to seek a driver to share the No. 11 Honda with Armstrong at the five oval rounds and could have something to announce before the end of the month.

Together, they ​are replacing Jimmie Johnson, who drove the former No. 48 entry in all 17 races last season before calling time on his IndyCar efforts and moving into NASCAR team ownership with the Petty GMS Motorsports organization.

“I’m ecstatic to be a part of the IndyCar Series, but especially with Chip Ganassi Racing because it is such an iconic and successful team,” said Armstrong.

“I have an extraordinary opportunity in front of me to learn from people that have been performing at the absolute highest level in this sport. As a Kiwi, I’ve always watched Scott Dixon succeed in the championship with this team, so on a personal level this is quite special for me. I am a hard worker that looks to improve every single day. With the knowledge and personnel that this team has, I’m very excited to take on this new challenge.”

In three seasons of F2, Armstrong earned four wins and eight podiums while placing 13th in the standings for three different teams. Continuing the theme of threes, Armstrong raises the count to three Kiwis in IndyCar, joining CGR’s Scott Dixon and Team Penske’s Scott McLaughlin in representing the small Antipodean nation.

The 22-year-old arrives in IndyCar with an extensive amount of junior open-wheel training, which ramped up heavily in 2017 and included racing in Germany, Italy, and the FIA Formula 3 series before graduating to F2. Armstrong will spend his rookie season learning from reigning Indy 500 winner Marcus Ericsson in the No. 8 Honda, six-time IndyCar champion and 2008 Indy 500 winner Dixon in the No. 9, and 2021 IndyCar champion Alex Palou in the No. 10 entry.

“Marcus driving the No. 11 car for Chip Ganassi Racing in 2023 is exciting,” said CGR managing director Mike Hull.

“As a 22-year-old, what is in common to others who have climbed into IndyCar with CGR is that at that age he already knows how to win. That’s been repeatedly proven at the highest global level. Besides talent, the intangible that he brings creates measurement through opportunity. Bring on 2023!”

With CGR’s fourth car close to being solidified, IndyCar’s full-time entry is left with two cars in need of drivers, led by Dale Coyne Racing with Rick Ware Racing’s No. 51 Honda and Juncos Hollinger Racing’s No. 78 Chevy. On its current trajectory, the 2023 IndyCar season is set for its largest field in many years with a minimum of 27 set for every round.


Repco Supercars Championship / Re: Season Final (with spoliers)
« on: December 03, 2022, 07:53:26 AM »
The big news:

Smith not only did not come last, but the champ starts behind.

Surely it is time for Mr. Smith to retire from Supercar Racing.
If I remember correctly, the last time at Clipsal SVG whinged big time about Jack holding him up during one of the races.  And it was for position.  Pit strategy at that point put him behind Jack.

Repco Supercars Championship / Re: Season Final (with spoliers)
« on: December 02, 2022, 07:04:28 AM »
Car liveries aside, it looks to me that there is a new livery for the kerbs.  Were not they blue-yellow-red before?

Hard to see on TV, too, for there were no good shots of the main grandstand, but do they still have the red-blue-red-blue canopy over it?

Like the new Turn 7 wall, too.   :)

V8 Supercar Fantasy League / Re: 2022 V8CFL - General Chat
« on: December 02, 2022, 03:53:13 AM »
Team rosters are now locked in for Adelaide.  The title comes down to A1SimSports and R&K Motorsports.  The only difference in rosters (vice a tiebreaker) is A1SimSports has the 11 car while R&K Motorsports has the 25 car - but a bit of ground to make up.  Results should be out Tuesday-ish USA time.

Good luck to all in this last go of 2022!

General Discussion / RIP Christine McVie
« on: December 01, 2022, 02:10:45 PM »
I'm over my head....

...but it sure feels nice.


Repco Supercars Championship / Re: Season Final (with spoliers)
« on: December 01, 2022, 02:02:01 PM »
Been watching clips of Super2 at work.
Weather looks to be getting hotter as the weekend goes on.
Enjoy it!  I just fired up my grill in the driveway tonight.  With the wind chill it is 14°F.

O to be in Turn 9 this weekend!   ;D

TCR Australia / Re: 2023 TCR Australia Season
« on: November 30, 2022, 12:53:32 AM »
15-17 Sep is now Supercars so needs to be moved.
Wow, that's pretty "funny", Sonic!  You should be involved in scheduling.  How could these guys have DONE that?   ::)

And the 26-28 May weekend date(s) are now TBC.  You are way ahead of the game, sir.


23 November 2022

The September date for the sixth round of the 2023 SpeedSeries calendar will change.

Due to a clash with the recently announced Supercars Championship calendar, SpeedSeries and Motorsport Australia have agreed to shift its announced date of September 17-19 to be held on a different weekend.

In a statement from Motorsport Australia, the new date will be confirmed in due course.

“Motorsport Australia was told, as late as Tuesday afternoon, that we still held the booking for Sandown on 15-17 September,” read the statement.

“Today we have now discovered the circuit has clearly been double booked, which is certainly frustrating given we announced our calendar and locked in this date some time ago.

“In the interests of everyone involved, we have agreed to move the SpeedSeries booking to a new date to be confirmed.”

All other SpeedSeries events remain unchanged from the original calendar announcement last month. The third round in Victoria remains to be confirmed, with a date also to be confirmed.

You can watch all of the SpeedSeries action live, ad-break free and on demand via Stan Sport. New subscribers can sign up now to receive a 7-day free trial and rewatch all of the action from the 2022 SpeedSeries, including last week’s event at the Supercheap Auto Bathurst International >>

2023 SpeedSeries Calendar

Round 1: Race Tasmania, Symmons Plains – February 24-26
Round 2: Hi-Tec Oils Bathurst 6 Hour – April 7-9
Round 3: Victoria TBC – TBC
Round 4: Sydney Motorsport Park – June 23-25
Round 5: Queensland Raceway – August 11-13
Round 6: Sandown International Raceway – TBC
Round 7: Supercheap Auto Bathurst International – November 10-12

TCR Australia / 2023 TCR Australia Season
« on: November 29, 2022, 06:04:49 AM »
Calendar was released:

2023 TCR Australia calendar revealed
By News Editor

The calendar for the 2023 TCR Australia series has been published, featuring seven events between February and November as the Australian Racing Group consolidates its championships into one schedule.

All Motorsport Australia Championships and Australian Racing Group (ARG) events will take place under the ‘SpeedSeries’ banner next year.

As in 2022, two visits to the famous Mount Panorama circuit in Bathurst are planned, as the calendar retains the venues utilised in 2022 in a similar scheduling pattern.

Whilst the third event of the year has yet to be confirmed, being only listed as ‘Victoria TBC’, the slot was used by the Phillip Island Grand Prix circuit in 2022, with the island circuit also being located in the Victoria state.

The upgraded Queensland Raceway will return to the calendar for a second successive season in early August, followed by another trip to Sandown – which featured in both 2019 and 2022.

The series will once again be part of the package which includes Trans Am, S5000 Australian Drivers’ Championship, GT World Challenge Australia, Porsche Sprint Challenge, Touring Car Masters and Australian Production Cars.

“Creating a single brand for the suite of ARG and Motorsport Australia categories to fall under made sense for all concerned,” said ARG Chief Operating Officer Liam Curkpatrick. “It’s been a great collaboration with the team at Motorsport Australia to make it happen.

“It makes sense for the fans, partners, for the broadcasters and for the categories themselves who will be able to tell their own supporters, sponsors and followers that they are racing at a ‘SpeedSeries’ event wherever they go throughout the year.

“The unified approach will mean our marketing, promotion and management of each event can be even more effective and continue to build on the record attendances and great broadcast audiences seen this year.

“2022 has served as something of a soft launch for the ‘SpeedSeries’ brand, but its clear and simple branding has worked very well and we are looking forward to collaborating with the team at Motorsport Australia to build it further in 2023 and beyond.”

2023 TCR Australia Calendar

Round 1: Race Tasmania, Symmons Plains – 24-26 February
Round 2: Hi-Tec Oils Bathurst 6 Hour – 7-9 April
Round 3: Victoria TBC – 26-28 May
Round 4: Sydney Motorsport Park – 23-25 June
Round 5: Queensland Raceway – 11-13 August
Round 6: Sandown International Raceway – 15-17 September
Round 7: Supercheap Auto Bathurst International – 10-12 November


Well, at least SOMEONE is going to use QR in 2023.  Maybe even PI.   ;D

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