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General Discussion / Re: ALP v LP/NP
« on: September 15, 2021, 08:28:19 PM »
In spite of the fact that a few left wing socialists have declared me a conservative:

I have been an ALP supporter since I started work at 15.

For may decades, i have provided monetary support, and physical support,  to the party that I believed represented the views of the workers.

Having made that declaration, I subscribe to the well known football analogy that ALL the best players are on the same team.

My early contact was in a period where Arthur Caldwell was the leader and he seemed to subscribe to the idea that it was better to be in opposition and adhere to party principles. (This principle seems to be returning, Federally at least.)

I walked a long way to listen to Gough Whitlam whose principle was based on the principle that Labor had to be the Government to actually achieve any Labor Policy. I believed in him and still do, although he tried to do too many things too quickly and made mistakes, but honest mistakes.

Back to the current situation:

Governments, both State and Federal are selected by the people, for whatever personal reasons float their boat.

Some ALP Governments see successful at combating Covid, such as Qld and WA.

Some are doing an apparent poor job, such as the ALP Victoria and the Liberal NSW, but at least they are trying.

Unfortunately, there is no vaccine against stupidity and the stupidity of some of their population is their major drawback.

The Morrison Government ( Lib/Nat: shock horror) are doing a pretty good job too,

For some reason the Media fail to understand that countries that have huge death rates should have some priority with vaccine. (Very selfish)The same applies within Australian regions.

The Media choose to criticism for the sake of criticism and controversy. rather than look just how well it is really going in Australia.

Seeing as the highly paid Media talking heads feel they know all the answers, they should get of their respective asses and run for a pay deduction as an elected Parliamentarian and run the country.

Repco Supercars Championship / Re: Silly Season 2021
« on: September 14, 2021, 11:27:55 PM »
Who should we believe?

By Mark Fogarty

Date posted: September 14, 2021

Supercars is planning an AFL/NRL-style hotel hub in southeast Queensland to ensure the season is completed.

Southern teams will quarantine in a Gold Coast ‘bubble’ for 14 days before racing resumes with back-to-back events at Queensland Raceway in early November.

All the teams would then move to NSW for another double-header at Sydney Motorsport Park before the Bathurst 1000, which is to be rescheduled as the season finale at the start of December.

Supercars is understood to be negotiating with the Queensland government to allow team personnel and series staff from VIC and NSW to isolate in a hotel or resort on the Gold Coast for two weeks.

“They’re going to do a quarantine hotel for all the team and Supercars personnel from Victoria for 14 days,” a southern squad insider revealed. “That’s the smart way of doing it.”

After completing quarantine, they would be free to join the QLD-based teams and Supercars officials to compete on consecutive weekends at QR.

The deal is due to be finalised within days, along with the latest revision of the COVID-disrupted calendar for the final five events.

As outlined to the teams, all interstaters would isolate in a dedicated hotel that would be turned into a Supercars ‘bubble’.

They’d have freedom of movement within the facility rather than be restricted to their rooms, with access to dining areas, gym, swimming pool and other outside facilities

The arrangement will be similar to the hotel/resort ‘bubbles’ employed by the NRL, which relocated its competition to QLD, and the AFL’s finals mini-hubs in Adelaide and Perth.

Finalisation of the Gold Coast hub is part of the delay in announcing the new schedule of events, which has been postponed at least twice since late last week.

COVID uncertainties have already claimed next month’s proposed returns to Winton and Phillip Island, plus the Gold Coast 500 in December.

Supercars is planning back-to-back events at QR and then SMP in November before the Bathurst 1000, delayed again to replace the GC500 on the December 4-5 weekend as the season-ender.

The Bathurst 1000 is set to be combined with ARG’s Bathurst International to create an almost week-long racing festival at Mount Panorama from November 30-December 5.

Or should we follow that well known Australian writer of fiction.

Bathurst 1000 set to close Supercars season as Gold Coast gets chop
Queensland’s loss is Mount Panorama’s gain, with the storied Bathurst track set to host the Supercars grand finale. Here’s why.

James Phelps
Rebecca Williams
less than 2 min read
September 10, 2021 - 8:31AM
News Corp Australia Sports Newsroom

The Bathurst 1000 is set to be staged as a blockbuster finale to the Supercars season as part of a Gold Coast 500 cancelling calendar change that is expected to be released on Friday.

With Queensland to be lit up for the very first time with a night race, News Corp Australia can also exclusively reveal Australia’s greatest race has been switched to begin on December 2, pending government approval.

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In what could be a thrilling 1000km championship decider, Mount Panorama will again host the V8 grand finale for the second straight year with the Gold Coast 500 to be canned because of Covid concerns.

But Queensland will not be left out of the revised calendar, should it be approved, with the Queensland Raceway set to host an October double header that will included a historic night race.

In a Queensland first for Supercars, the Ipswich venue will be lit up by high lumen lights that will be installed around the track known as the paperclip.

The Ipswich double header will replace rounds which were scheduled to be held in Winton and at Phillip Island.

After a lengthy break, Supercars is hoping to return to the track at QR on October 23 and 24. The series has not raced since back-to-back events in Townsville in July.

With hopes New South Wales will start to emerge from lockdown from mid-October, Supercars is also expected to announce a double header at Sydney Motorsport Park in November, which will serve as a prequel to the Bathurst 1000 decider.

It is the second time Supercars has been forced to revise the calendar for the second half of the season due to Covid chaos along the east coast.

The Bathurst 1000 had already been shifted to early November when the series announced its first revised schedule at the end of July, which resulted in a messy battle over dates to race at Mount Panorama with a rival event.

S5000 / Re: Lowndes
« on: September 13, 2021, 01:34:22 PM »
I tried to find a reference but it was a long time ago. From memory it was an el-cheapo deal by Tom Walkinshaw, but here is a later version by Craig.

If he does S5000, we can be sere it will be suitably funded.

Craig Lowndes has unleashed a rare tirade on his former nemesis Juan Pablo Montoya in a recently published book celebrating 10 years of Triple Eight Race Engineering.

In a section devoted to the Brisbane squad’s longest serving driver, Lowndes reflected on his stint as team-mate to Montoya in Dr Helmet Marko’s Formula 3000 team in 1997.

A year after winning the first of his five Bathurst 1000 titles and three Australian Touring Car Championships, Lowndes embarked on a path he hoped would see him earn a Formula 1 seat in Europe.

The drive was set-up by Holden Racing Team owner Tom Walkinshaw, who at that point owned the Arrows F1 team and had Lowndes on a 10-year contract, and backed by Holden, HSV and Mobil.

It soon become evident during the season that Lowndes, who had moved into a small flat owned by the now Red Bull talent scout Marko, was not happy in a foreign environment with the confronting Montoya.

The Colombian had risen rapidly through British Formula Vauxhall and Formula 3 in the two preceding years, where he gained a reputation for being supremely quick but difficult to deal with.

“Montoya would be the only driver that ever got to me mentally,” Lowndes revealed in the book, written by Paul Gover.

“I don’t think he (Montoya) worked a day in his life.

“His parents were lovely people, but they funded him all the way through.

“I was in a foreign country, a foreign team, and I didn’t have the support around me that I had in Australia.

Although it may have been a trying experience, it would better prepare him for a drive in S5000.

Repco Supercars Championship / Re: Silly Season 2022
« on: September 10, 2021, 08:50:32 PM »
Grove made a mistake, should have gave Davey the ass.

Holdsworth has had his chances, needs to stay out of a full time gig and let someone with actual potential fill the seat.

Not sure Grove gave anyone the ass.
Sounds like as soon as the Kelly's sold up, Andre didn't want to be there.

I agree that Davey should have been given the go away, he has shown a lack of loyalty to a lot of teams in the past. He is sometimes fast, but often erratic.

Andre was likely on a low starters type salary at Kelly's and his driving prowess surely entitles him to a bigger salary now.

Grove, on the other hand is establishing a new team, effectively, albeit with a lot of the Kelly staff and equipment.

He doesn't need two highly paid drivers at this stage and seems to agree to the Andre release on good terms.

Andre would be on a good wicket at BJR, as would BJR, particularly when Nick has demonstrated his contract shredding skills, a-la-Reynolds.

Of the two, BJR is a lot better off with Andre as Nick has had time to demonstrate his prowess and has been erratic.

I like Holdworth at he is a competent driver and will surely assist the Mentoring of another driver through Super 2 in a Nissan (probably).
If Davey runs true to form, Holdworth might be the lead driver by 2023 anyway with a new Grove trained whizkid in the other seat.

Now that a new Supercars owner has been chosen, effectively the last man standing, the REC restriction may not apply soon anyway.

To sum it up, any team owner that enforces a contracted driver to drive his cars when the Driver does not wish to do so, is asking for team chaos.

P.S. We purchase our contacts at Aldi for under $9 for 24 rolls.

Repco Supercars Championship / Re: Gen 3
« on: September 09, 2021, 11:35:04 PM »
There is so much faffing about on the design of the new Gen 3 Supercars.

For a start, there will be new owners before the car design is finalised and some of them have opinions on the changes.

There are so many classes and designs of cars out there that they could have adopted one and saved a hell of a lot of money, e.g. Bergers DTM and modified GT3 production cars.

There is the TA2 or even the Asian variant which also include Mercedes. (888 are using one for testing.)

When it all boils down, this is a 23 car private travelling circus. That's fine, they can do what they want with Supercars.

Motorsport Australia should let them get on with their private international circus and take the ATCC away and use it for an Australian Championship that genuinely reflects racing in this country, and there are several where a competitor can buy a rule complying car and enter and race.

There was a time when I could enter an ATCC race, and did, with a complying car, and in a 43 car field. Bathurst had many more.

Why are they building a unique design car and not allowing general competitors to enter and race?

Either way, let's get rid of the restriction on entry numbers. There are even Competitors who wish to build a car and enter it in state round and local events (just like Dick Johnson and others were allowed to do).

Repco Supercars Championship / Re: Bathurst shift
« on: September 09, 2021, 10:34:54 PM »
As long as it is on FTA TV, it will thoroughly satisfy this rapidly aging fan. I will not be attending, along with the vast majority of Bathurst followers.

I gave up camping at Bathurst when drunken riots endangered life, limb, and particularly cars which were frequently burnt.

Supposedly this is no longer the case, but I won't be chancing it.

On the happy side, that leaves more room for those who wish to attend.

Repco Supercars Championship / Re: Silly Season 2022
« on: September 09, 2021, 08:44:19 PM »
As David Reynolds has proven time and time again with multiple teams, contracts are not worth the dunny paper he draped all over Rick Kelly's desk back in the day.  Team owners know that there is no gain in holding a driver to a Contract if he/she does not want to drive for them.

Wherever the chips fall, good luck to all the teams and drivers in 2002.

This is increasingly the time of pay drivers in Supercars, i.e. Daddy's money or an associated Sponsor's money, or even your own money if one runs a company or porno type website.  Some teams absolutely need pay drivers.

Tough luck to the drivers hoping to advance based on talent.

When the music stops in the game of musical chairs, Jack Le Brocq looks like the one left standing in the corner.

Macauley might fall on his sword for the sake of the company and run Super 2. Hazelwood is still a chance, or at least a few wildcards and an endurance ride with MSR or BJR. (Remember that MSR only own a single REC at last announcement, with the second on loan from a Hazelwood supporter.)

There are a couple of other drivers lurking in the background, such as Kurt Kostecki, Chris Pither and Renee Gracie (with family money, sponsor money or personal money too.)

P.S. BJR has had a big win. Getting Heimgartner and losing Whatsisname. ( Ah! yes, just remembered Percat.)

Formula One / Re: F1 2022 season
« on: September 05, 2021, 12:11:52 AM »
Referring to my OP, I wonder if the 2022 Alfa Team or Haas could have Sebastian Vettel and Mick Schumacher as their drivers.
It would be a great pairing with both having strong Ferrari ties and both effectively a "B" or "C' Ferrari Teams.

It would certainly free up a seat for a Mercedes driver in the Mercedes "B" or "C" Teams..

Both Aston Martin and Williams both have relatively new owners and both are well cashed up to provide improved cars in the 20-22 and 2023 era, with it's reduced expenditure cap.

IMHO, Bottas would do well in either team, but a two year contract at Williams would be my choice.

The Driver potential changes are, again IMHO, much more interesting than than actual races.

We await Toto's pronouncements and the teams individual announcements/

How ‘mentor’ Vettel is giving back to the Schumacher family
How ‘mentor’ Vettel is giving back to the Schumacher family
GP Racing
Sep 3, 2021, 11:29 PM
Mick Schumacher isn’t the only ‘son of’ to reach F1, but he’s done so in the absence of his father in recent years. Step forward Sebastian Vettel: a fan of Michael growing up, mentored by him, and now acting as ‘big brother’ to Mick. Oleg Karpov explains the four-time world champion's role in settling Schumacher Jr into the big leagues.

“I still am a Michael fan,” said Sebastian Vettel after it was announced at the end of last year that the seven-time world champion’s son, Mick Schumacher, was joining the Formula 1 grid. “I’m happy to help where I can, because he [Mick] is a great guy and obviously I have a very special connection to his father.

“I think it’s very important for him to find his own path. But surely, as much as it helped when Michael had some things to say when I asked, and gave me advice, I’m trying to do the same to him.

General Discussion / Re: COVID-19 discussion
« on: September 04, 2021, 08:13:45 AM »
It would be beneficial for people to actually read the news articles they link, before sharing their uninformed opinion.

As for opinions, that is exactly what this whole string is about.
Should any of you actually be qualified as an epidemiologist, then I apologise to you.

Try this one. I thought the request and lack of response was well know. Obviously not.

Morrison requested. Biden didn't respond affirmatively. USA wasted vaccine and Australia didn't get it. 

I don't think that includes an opinion apart from that based on news reports.

Scott Morrison has reportedly pleaded with the Biden administration to send up to 26 million unused vaccine doses Down Under as the nation’s Delta strain crisis spirals out of control.

Still haven't read the article, have you?  How is Biden responsible for "cracked vials, errors in diluting vaccines, freezer malfunctions and more doses in a vial than people who want them, with a limited window of a few hours to use a vial once it is punctured." You don't expect the US to send us those doses?

Speaking of facts. It is a fact Morrison delayed getting enough Pfizer in the first place. He waited 4 months and after 1 billion doses were already ordered by 38 other countries. And when he did order it only ordered enough for 5 million people in a country of 27million. He spent more time and effort getting his mate a job at the OECD than getting enough vaccine in the country. Business leaders got so worried that they called on a former Labor PM to do something. Morrison is only making deals now because he failed almost 12 months ago and Delta is out of control in NSW.

As for Biden not responding, he asked us to take climate change seriously. All he got was cold shoulder too.
You're trying to find common sense from a conservative.  That's your problem.


Looks like Delta might be in QLD now thanks to that Truckie.  Lockdown imminent?

To suggest that a poster is a "conservative" is member abuse and was not allowed on the old Forum.

Formula One / F1 2022 season
« on: September 03, 2021, 08:11:45 PM »
With Kimi gone, it is presumed by many that Bottas will take the Alfa seat on a two year deal.

I wonder if Mercedes try to keep him in the fold.

The Williams seat with cashed up new owners and the Mercedes engine could be a good two year deal.

The seat currently occupied by Vettel at Aston Martin could become available if (a) Vettel retires or (b) Vettel returns to the Ferrari fold at Alfa. He certainly hasn't done all that well at Aston Martin. A change may be good for him and we shouldn't forget that a lot of surplus Ferrari staff (salary cap) have suddenly diverted to Haas but still based at Ferrari precinct. These are people that Vettel knows and has worked with, so a Ferrari "B" team???

All three teams could be good seats with the salary cap bringing the top current teams closer. All three have owners determined to improve and each needs a good experienced driver in the main slot.

Mercedes clearly know the answers but are keeping quiet at this time, possible so as not to take the shine off their customer team announcements.

There are a few other seats up for grabs but only for newcomers and minor players.  A few current drivers may be looking at another category if they wish to keep racing,

We should know soon.

S5000 / Lowndes
« on: September 03, 2021, 07:49:43 PM »
Craig Lowndes had a crack at  open wheelers in Europe, but is a poorly backed car.

He is running an Historic F1 car soon and it's not the first.

I would love to see Craig get a ride in S5000, backed by Ampol and Redbull and 888. plus of course a Bathurst Wildcard and maybe a few other events.

General Discussion / Re: COVID-19 discussion
« on: September 03, 2021, 05:02:11 PM »
It would be beneficial for people to actually read the news articles they link, before sharing their uninformed opinion.

As for opinions, that is exactly what this whole string is about.
Should any of you actually be qualified as an epidemiologist, then I apologise to you.

Try this one. I thought the request and lack of response was well know. Obviously not.

Morrison requested. Biden didn't respond affirmatively. USA wasted vaccine and Australia didn't get it. 

I don't think that includes an opinion apart from that based on news reports.

Scott Morrison has reportedly pleaded with the Biden administration to send up to 26 million unused vaccine doses Down Under as the nation’s Delta strain crisis spirals out of control.

TA2 / Re: 2021 TA2 Livery Designs
« on: September 03, 2021, 03:21:22 PM »
Love the Orange 7. Bob was in the original when I last raced in the ATCC. Johnny Harvey was in Bob's Monaro and Moff was in his Mustang.

It might be a good time for Sonic to get into TA2 with Bob Jane Tyres sponsorship.. possibly as a next step for one of their Porsche drivers.

It might even be cheaper to run than a Porsche.

General Discussion / Re: COVID-19 discussion
« on: September 03, 2021, 01:05:48 PM »
Another 4 million vaccines arrive from tomorrow. The Feds are doing some good negotiations with other countries.

Yet, that Socialist Champion of the USA and "Leader of the Free World", Mr Biden (reportedly letting 15 million doses go to waste) would not do a similar deal with their great ally Australia.

Australia has secured another 4 million doses of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine in a deal with the UK.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said shipments would arrive in Australia in the coming days and weeks.

"The plane is on the tarmac now. It will be leaving tomorrow," Mr Morrison said.

"Those doses will be coming over the course of the next few weeks, which will see us double the Pfizer doses that we have during September."

It is the second deal Australia has struck with another country this week to receive Pfizer doses.

Earlier Singapore agreed to send 500,000 doses that are about to expire.

Health Minister Greg Hunt said Australia would have "well over" 10 million vaccine doses available this month.

The United States has thrown away at least 15.1 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines since March 1, a report by NBC News has shown

General Discussion / Re: COVID-19 discussion
« on: September 01, 2021, 01:46:25 PM »
I laughed yesterday when Dan was questioned about the 500,000 new doses SloMo got from Singapore, he said 'well our 25% will go a long way' - his sarcasm makes me smile

This just shows what a smart arse Dan is.
The correct answer should have been "Thank You"!

For the Vaccine Snobs, there is a lot of Pfizer on the way. Plenty of Vaxzevria available for the rest. (September starts in a few hours.)

It helps but that's not "a lot" of Pfizer. It doses <0.5% of our population.

So, would you rather we didn't have them?

By the way, the Media tout Singapore for having reached 80% but that's on a population less than a quarter of Australia.

So we are approaching double dosed Australian numbers at about double their rate.

But: 500,000 will surely help the vaccine snobs and those with medical reasons.

Have a look at these figures. 19,362,666 doses administered as of yesterday.

Still plenty of Vaxzevria available if anyone really wants them. Readily available Chemists around here, so why would it no be so under Chairman Dan?

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