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Dunlop Super2 Series / Re: Silly Season 2023 "Super 2 and 3"
« on: August 24, 2022, 09:51:42 AM »
With Super2 2023 being restricted to current spec 2022 Super 1 cars, there is a scramble for pre-raced chassis. GRM have sold one to Sidwell in the UK and he has a sizable seven Supercar collection, and races them too. Tickford have purchased another

The Team 18 cars are going to Eggleston and Eggleston are trying to lease more off Peter Xiberris. Apparently Peter owns five of them, including the three current 888 cars.

888 may have to stop racing in Super2 as it struggles to find a chassis. They aren't allowed to build a new chassis. Suddenly the soon to be superceded Super 2 cars will be attracting good prices and just add a hundred thousand dollars to upgrade.

I wonder what will happen to the Nissans that are currently racing.

The top 4-5 teams are going to be the ones that employ drivers mostly. on ability, and those drivers will generally bring a healthy sponsors package with them
I don't think the drivers of the top 4-5 teams are bring any sponsor, let alone healthy sponsors.

Team 5th, Grove, in effect have a pay driver with Reynolds who arrived from Erebus with Penrite support changing with him. That is why Holdsworth is likely to give up his seat for 2023. (If Penrite stay).
And teams 1-4? Not sure why you feel the need to correct, when what I’m saying is correct?

I was adding, not correcting.

The top 4-5 teams are going to be the ones that employ drivers mostly. on ability, and those drivers will generally bring a healthy sponsors package with them
I don't think the drivers of the top 4-5 teams are bring any sponsor, let alone healthy sponsors.

Team 5th, Grove, in effect have a pay driver with Reynolds who arrived from Erebus with Penrite support changing with him. That is why Holdsworth is likely to give up his seat for 2023. (If Penrite stay).

Skaife doing all he can to try to get Davison to keep his pole position, showing his bias as usual and using his position to influence race control because he knows they are listening to him.

If Skaife does not want him penalised I don't get why he didn't just not replay that bit of footage.  Makes no sense.

I am confused.
Skaife is usually lambasted for his bias toward Holden drivers.

Now he is in trouble for bias toward a Ford driver. ::)

Dare I dream Frosty might have a half decent round!!

He needs it. His job is in jeopardy.

Slade still hasn't announced where he is going in 2023. People seem to assume PremiAir, but those two seats are not the only ones up for grabs.

General Discussion / Re: ALP v LP/NP
« on: August 19, 2022, 05:05:12 PM »
Waiting for a mea culpa from people who posted here before the election that Morrison should remain PM.
I’ll move on after that.
Already an apologist 3 posts up.  Basically we should be turning a blind eye to blatant corruption and "move on".  What horse ****.

I, for one, advocated a Labor Victory, before and during the election, so I am happy that Morrison is no longer PM.

But, "Corruption"? To me Corruption indicates something illegal and I have yet to see any qualified person brand the actions as illegal.

Perhaps you can provide a reference.

General Discussion / Re: Don the Con!
« on: August 19, 2022, 09:40:45 AM »
I seem to recall that under the USA system, you only need a minority of eligible voters to win.

Hopefully the parties can find better candidates next time.

As usual, Channel 7 expects the races to be boring with one hour highlights broadcast the next day. 1 Hour equals about 30 minutes of racing, but dear Channel 7, please try to include the start and lap one.

Rumour has it that the start was very eventful last time, but one would not know it from the purported highlights which started on lap 2.

General Discussion / Re: ALP v LP/NP
« on: August 18, 2022, 07:44:28 PM »
Interesting snippet on the ABC, no friend of Scott Morrison,  suggests that the idea for the backup ministerial swearing in was suggested by and documents produced by the then Attorney General, one Charles Christian Porter, widely discredited for a number of reasons, and moved on.

No person, either in the Government or Media has been able to produce any suggestion that the move was in any way illegal or corrupt or un-constitutional
It was however poor form, if it was due to the covid crisis, not to advise the individual ministers concerned.

But, we, the Australian Voters, collectively have already sacked Scott from the position of PM.

General Discussion / Re: Don the Con!
« on: August 18, 2022, 07:21:51 PM »
Looking from afar, I am hearing the distant drums.

A lot of USAers do not trust the FBI and don't like the apparent use of the FBI in a political strategy.

Based on a lot of commentary from the USA, this raid could cost the Democrats their House majority and Nancy Pelosi will lose her job as leader.

Some commentators feel that this act of political bastardry (alleged) will put Don back in the Whitehouse.

(Nothing I am writing should, in any way, suggest that I support Donald, but seriously, Biden/Kamala/Pelosi frighten me too, with their actions in Asia)

Drag Racing / Re: The State of Drag Racing in Australia
« on: August 18, 2022, 11:10:26 AM »
The IHRA is splitting up. Parts were sold in USA, Aus and NZ to different new owners. I wonder what effect this will have here in Aus?

Following the recent sale of the IHRA in the U.S.A from IRG Sports + Entertainment (IRGSE) to race car fabricator Larry Jeffers, the Australian and New Zealand arm of the sanctioning body has been purchased locally by Australian Drag Racing League, owned by current IHRA Manager Director Maurice Allen.

This will bring IHRA Australia into Australian ownership, you can read the statement on the sale here:

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. – ADRL Pty Ltd has completed a purchase of the International Hot Rod Association (IHRA) Australia from IRG Sports + Entertainment (IRGSE). Maurice Allen, a veteran motorsports professional, is the president of the Australian Drag Racing League.

Allen previously served as managing director for IHRA Australia. He brings a wealth of experience to Australia’s No. 1 drag racing organization, which serves as home to both professional and sportsman racing. Under Allen’s leadership, IHRA Australia expanded to over 3,500 members.

“We’ve listened and the desire to have an Australian sanctioning body has been delivered, which represents a great opportunity for the sport to move ahead and grow even more with exciting new opportunities,” Allen said.

Allen began his motorsports career as a Pro Stock motorcycle racer at the age of 20 and later set up the Australia Dragbike School. Prior to joining the IHRA, Allen was the CEO of Australian Professional Drag Racing (APDR) — 400 Thunder, Australia’s premier drag racing series sanctioned by the IHRA.

“This announcement puts drag racing in Australia in a great position to bring direct returns to the biggest stakeholders in the sport, being the passionate racers that support both the tracks and the sanctioning body,” Allen said. “We are excited to be able to implement some direct benefits such as replacing the Australian Supplementary Rulebook app with a dedicated downloadable rulebook on the web, which is currently under construction, simplifying the process, along with a brand new hard card for all competitors moving forward."

IHRA Australia operates at seven different facilities and sanctions the country’s largest drag racing events and series, which include the Aeroflow 400 Thunder Professional and Sportsman Championship Series as well as the Australian Top Fuel Championship.

While IHRA Australia operates other professional classes, it is also the country’s top organization for grassroots, Sportsman racing. For IRGSE, it was important to find someone with both the knowledge and the commitment to carry on the country’s great tradition of drag racing.

“Maurice has done a phenomenal job over his seven years as the IHRA Australia managing director. With his hands-on approach and vast knowledge of the Australian drag racing scene, he is the most qualified person to take over the ownership of the organization and continue the proud tradition of championship racing," IRGSE CEO Lou Partenza said.

Dunlop Super2 Series / Re: Silly Season 2023 "Super 2 and 3"
« on: August 17, 2022, 08:37:36 PM »

Supercars has confirmed that the ZB Commodore and Car of the Future Ford Mustang will be the only models eligible to compete for the 2023 Dunlop Super2 series – ruling out all current vehicles for the category past the end of the current series.

I do wonder just how many of the current model cars will be available in 2023. A lot are being sold, or have already been sold, to collectors.

General Discussion / Re: ALP v LP/NP
« on: August 17, 2022, 01:37:53 PM »
The previous election was a shoehorn in for the ALP. Virtually all the credible commentators wrote or spoke so, and the ABC, of course.

The Coalition was on the nose they said and would surely be swept from office.

So, the Australian public, who clearly wanted to change, were put off by the ALP leader Bill Shorten. The Australian voters had a choice of two duds and they voted that Shorten was the most dud.

Effectively, all the trouble and strife and misdemeanors, and all the other complaints would not have happened if Labor had gone to the election with an acceptable leader who would then have been PM for that three years.

It is all Shorten's fault, and the people who made him leader.  ;D ;D ::) ::) :P

I had high hopes for Albo, and I wish he would just move on. He is PM, not a commentator.

General Discussion / Re: F1 lookalike driven on Public roads.
« on: August 17, 2022, 10:11:57 AM »
did the article say 'a few years ago'

here is another reference and a video.

A daring Formula One fan has taken hooning to a new level in the Czech Republic by unleashing a Grand Prix replica that pays tribute to fallen hero Michael Schumacher.

Running without any of the remotest essentials for legal motoring — headlights, mufflers or treaded tyres — the driver ran the single-seater racer in everyday traffic on a stretch of the D4 freeway south of the capital city of Prague.

And it's not the first time.

The same car was spotted on a similar piece of road during 2018 but frustrated police were not able to press charges.

A 45-year-old driver suspect was tracked down but could not be positively identified because they were wearing a helmet while driving the Grand Prix replica.

Now, despite potential penalties of several thousand dollars and a one-year-driving ban, the stunt has happened for a second time — with frustrated police again searching for the culprit and the Youtube accomplice who filmed the rogue race car on public roads.

Footage of the stunt was first shown on the Czech website under the headline 'The infamous formula raced down the highway again'.

General Discussion / Re: ALP v LP/NP
« on: August 17, 2022, 08:07:35 AM »
Good to see fuel prices drop, won't be too happy when the excise goes back on soon, but the taxpayers pocket is only so deep

Our fuel price dropped from $1.59 to $1.96, a negative drop.

The constant rubbishing of the previous government gives the current government no credit.

Morrison was tried and sentenced to replacement at the last election. It all seems a bit of double jeopardy.

Albo, show us how well you can do the job, not how badly the previous mob did it. That is why you are the Prime Minister.

PS: It the ALP had had a worthwhile leader at the previous election, Morrison would have been gone as PM years ago.

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