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Team Sydney in 2022
« on: August 28, 2021, 06:16:15 PM »
Supercars mid-season report card: Team Sydney
Simon Chapman
By Simon Chapman

Saturday 28th August, 2021 - 3:00pm

I have no idea who Simon Chapman is, but he is correct that Team Sydney is doing poorly.

They are operating out of temporary premises, In fact two temporary premises in two different states with currently a hard border.


They have 888 built cars.

They have Fabian Coulthart, a proven race winner.

They have a second driver in Garry Jacobson, who is reputedly a good steerer, although I can't remember anything in recent years.

The owners, although they cop a lot of crap on this forum (or previous Forum incantation) are genuine long term racers with some good race result history, both Father and Son and they seem to have sponsor backing.

So for 2022:

They have to make their current cars last for a big chunk of 2022.

Then they will have absolutely top line Gen 3 machinery, as will every other team.

Are they short of Engineering talent, bearing in mind that they supposedly have 888 assistance?

Maybe 888 should lend out their excess talent to customer teams, when the Gen 3 requires less data work.

Their current drivers should be adequate.

Will their current sponsor (Mr. Quinn) withdraw sponsorship or will he utilize his recently purchased 888  share to  help his Local Legend tag at Team Sydney?

Will Boost step in as part owners and/or sponsors. Mr. Adderton seems to have promised more drives in 2022 that currently available?

Will Renee Gracie buy in and drive one of the cars?

Questions, questions, questions.

I bet Jono and Mrs Jono would like answers, answers, answers.

PS: Their new Sydney workshop was due to be ready for 2022, but Covid stuffs everything. :(

PPS: If MSR go Mustang, maybe their 2021 888 assistance will go to TS.

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