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2022 NASCAR Season Has Commenced

Started by mikeamerica84, February 08, 2022, 01:10:34 AM

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In recent news Kyle Bush has announced formally that he is off to drive the 8 car at RCR after 2 championships and numerous race wins at JGR.

A big change as love him or hate him he is a name that a number of fans are able to recognize.



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Quote from: V8SuperRiley on October 31, 2022, 01:28:33 PM
What a move!! All or nothing, and it paid off!!
It will be interesting to see what NASCAR does about this next year.  They have already stated that there will be no changes for the rest of the season, which is one last race/championship at Phoenix.  At least there is no knee-jerk thing here.  I will give NASCAR credit for that  <--- a rare moment in my commenting.   8)

I think they will make a ruling that if this happens again, they will immediately throw the yellow flag, freeze the field, and put the wall rider at the back for causing the caution.

Either that or just have Martinsville, and other flat ovals like Louden & Richmond, take down the walls in the turns.  Many short track ovals across the country here, both pavement and dirt, have no walls in the turns.  It is hard to ride a wall when there isn't one there.   ;D

The latter response would remove any part of officiating having to get involved.  Officiating, like politics, the less involvement, the better.
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I can't see that ever working again Mike.

And another Cup Series to Joey Logano and the third for Penske. It's a pretty good effort from the best Ford team ad the rest usually caught fire and/or generally **** most of the time.