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Sam Fenech RIP

Started by Sonic, January 07, 2023, 09:40:15 PM

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Not going to share the video link... it is pretty brutal.

Car got sideways and crossed the track in the air hitting the top of the armco, then over it, hitting a camera tower (camera guy in hospital with 'light injuries') and then took out a pole... car is demolished and he sadly passed in the incident.

Condolences to his family and hopefully the camera person makes a full recovery. - check out the photos after race weekend!

stevo qld

Sam will be sorely missed!

For forumites not familiar with Drag racing, this car was featured in the Chevrolet Racing display at Bathurst, with the Gen 3 Camaro alongside.

and "no comment"

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Fantastic tribute to Sam over the weekend at the Top Fuel Slam round at Sydney Dragway.

Sonic - check out the photos after race weekend!