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Allan Moffat’s battle

Started by Wrighty05, June 29, 2023, 08:30:43 AM

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I found this a tough watch. Dementia is awful.

All the best Allan. And kudos to all of his carers.


This has been a long time happening.
Was speaking to Aaron Noonan at the Muscle Car Masters around the time Moff's book was released (2017?) and he alluded to the fact that time was running out to get his story properly written.
"Ford's Bathurst winning bonus didn't even cover the cost of the after-party" - Allan Moffat, 1977



:'( Hard to watch knowing the bloke we watched growing up - check out the photos after race weekend!


I watched it last night and the degradation of his mind is terribly upsetting.
He's lucky to be surrounded by his carers and friends such as Fred and Larry.
It's a terrible disease that constantly eats away at the brain.