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Spa claims another driver :'(

Started by Sonic, July 02, 2023, 08:19:39 PM

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Dilano van 't Hoff got t-boned at high speed (similar to Antoine Hubert suffered some years back) and has passed.

The weather was shocking and it is being argued they shouldn't have been racing due to such poor visibility. Arguments won't bring him back though.

Rip Dilano.

(There is video out there of the crash but it is hard to watch someone die so violently. If you feel you want to see it google is your friend) - check out the photos after race weekend!


The sound is un-mistakable.
Thoughts with the family. Makes our sport seem so insignificant.
"Ford's Bathurst winning bonus didn't even cover the cost of the after-party" - Allan Moffat, 1977