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Started by LG, December 07, 2023, 12:10:29 PM

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For many years speedway engines (sprint cars and super sedans) has been the domain of the old 350 Chev.
When sprint cars went up to 410 Chevs still were on the top step.
I believe part of that is the cost.
The one thing Chev did was make their engines for a reasonable price.
There's been some really quick Fords but the cost has been substantially higher with parts also being harder to get.
Well, in the US Toyota have joined the fray, I'm guessing using their Nascar engines as the base.
They have only built 8 so far but all reports are very positive about them.

Two of the engines have made their way to Australia with James McFadden.
It could be very interesting.
The worldwide fridge manufacturer is really getting in to racing development.


The fridge manufacturer has some pretty deep roots in speedway in the US.

They have Speedcar engines too and they've been running in 410s over the past year with Chris Bell, Roths with McFadden and pretty much taggling along with wherever Aaron Reutzel goes.