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Started by TheArrow, January 15, 2024, 06:57:11 PM

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stevo qld

Ecurie EsCarGo gets new sponsor "Dodgee Parts and Panels"

This business was founded by a poor immigrant Luigi Dodgee who arrived in Australia from Sicily in 1948. Luigi has since retired to Government Accommodation at Long Bay.

The business is now run by his sons, the brothers Dodgee, Simon and Mario. They specialise in used parts and panels.

Having blown our budget purchasing the Camaro Supercar, we have been trying to save costs. One example is panels. We have been glueing damaged panel back together with reinforcing pads behind and bog to smooth the outside.

One result of this is that the Camaro weighs an extra 40kg, which may explain our performance drop.

Simon was horrified at the standard of our repairs. After consulting with Mario, they have agreed to buy damaged panels from a major team and undertake to refurbish them in a professional manner. It is one of the things they do well. They also undertake to supply all road car bits and pieces, available through their extensive Dodgee Family back in the USA.
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TAA Performance Teases New Livery

The defending V8CFL champions have teased their 2024 Ford Performance V6 Twin Turbo Mustang.



R&K Motorsports

Gorokan, NSW – As R&K Motorsports have finally sorted out their 2024 driver situation after Brodie Kostecki stormed out of camp in a fit of rage while watching his bank account drop by at least five digits somehow, the unveiling of their Dark Horse Gen 3 Ford Mustang and livery was being highly anticipated.

Team Principal Mike addressed the crowd while they were enjoying their free souvenir bananas.

"Thank you all for coming out today.  I think everyone knows that our driver situation was in a state of flux,
but with the help of The Yellow Group, our primary sponsors, we have secured the services of Todd Hazelwood for this season!"

Some fans in attendance looked skeptical and signaled that this could be a bad signing.

"Todd," continued Mike, "Come on up and say a few syllables!"

"Thanks, Mike!  I see this as the greatest opportunity in my career, which has been mired in the mid-pack at best on a good day. 
I hope to keep the driving standards at R&K at the usual highest level."

Todd was apparently oblivious of the fact that the team's previous driver was Jack Smith and the bar is not set all that high.

"That aside," continued Mike, "I would also like to announce that we now have the services of one Ludo LaCroix! 
Ludo has decided to join us as he had nothing better to do with his life this year.  Let us all welcome him!""

Cheers filled the air!

"Merci!  Merci beaucoup! 

Meanwhile, back at The Yellow Group Headquarters....

"Who in the hell is this Ludo guy?"

"He's French.  He's here to help."

"Wow.  You don't hear THOSE two sentences used in the same context very often."

Mike then pointed out that with Ludo coming aboard as Team Engineer, the American sparkling water company LaCroix
has also signed up as an associate sponsor. 

It was, however, noted that their product is called 'la-CROY', not 'la-QUA'.

"la-CROY... la-QUA... la-CROTCH.... am I having a nightmare?"

The car, dressed in the livery designed for R&K Motorsports by their close associate Helix, was unveiled.

A tribute to the late Albert the Cat, who will always be in our hearts as our mate, was affixed to the front guards by our friend, Helix.

The diehard R&K fans in attendance went wild!

Mike concluded. "Thank you all for coming.  Feel free to take pictures of the car, Todd, and Ludo. 
Just please dispose of your banana peels in the proper receptacles.  We don't want anyone slipping on them."

He then lastly added, "Feel free to get your pictures with the Valvoline girls, too.  They are back onboard this year. 
Associate sponsors, but prime representatives."

The V8CFL - Without Fantasy, Life is Simply Life



With the Bathurst 12 Hour kicking off today, The Arrow Motorsport has revealed their expanded, two-car GT3 team with potential hints at their 2024 plans. The biggest mystery for the team surrounds their shift in manufacturer, which has also translated to the GT3 program.

After launching their GT3 team last year for the Bathurst 12 Hour, the team has shifted from BMW to the very successful Mercedes Benz AMG GT. They have also expanded to two cars after running just the one last season. Speculation around the paddock is that the manufacturer shift to Mercedes Benz is an indication of the cars to be run in the V8CFL for 2024. TheArrow refuted these claims.

"We drove a BMW last season in this race and ran Mazda6's in the V8CFL. They are two different teams run under the one organisation." he said.

Regardless of the cars themselves, the 2023 BMW ran a livery very similar to what ended up being on the V8CFL cars. If this pattern is continued this season, the team is running a very different look to last season. The beautiful - and popular - indigenous livery is gone, replaced with an angular and sharp design.

As was mentioned in the announcement for the 2024 team, new sponsorship from Sunshine Coast based window cleaning company Mint Fresh also appears on the AMG GTs.

The reverse colour effect as used on the 2023 cars returns with one white and one black based car each.

No further comments were made by TheArrow regarding the V8CFL team or the launch.

Practice for the Bathurst 12 Hour is underway today.

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TAA Performance reveals striking new livery

Unveiled this afternoon at Sydney Motorsport Park the #1 Ford Performance Mustang cut some shakedown laps before the season opener.

"It was awesome to finally win the championship" TAA Performance Alex said with a large smile.

"We worked really hard on our engine program and it finally paid off" Alex added

"We have stepped it up a notch for 2024 and hope to go back to back"

The TAA Performance Mustang will sport the #1 in their championship defence, the Ford Performance branding is back on the sides after taking a year off.

"Car looks awesome, it is especially nice to have the #1 on the car so hopefully we can keep it for a little while longer" Alex added.

stevo qld

Ecurie SCarGo announce that their new driver for 2024 will be Doctor Rosa Gonzales.

Rosa has extensive motor racing experience, mostly in North and South America and holds an appropriate FIA license.

Since completing her Doctorate at Harvard, majoring in Business Management and Psychology, Rosa has been competing in the Brasil Stock Car Pro Series.

Rosa has moved to Australia on a 888 Visa and will be a major partner and CEO of Gonzales farms.
Everybody is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid.