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GT - 2024 World Challenge Australia

Started by skaifeman, February 19, 2024, 12:26:47 PM

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The Bathurst 12HR kicks off this Championship (and the Intercontinental).

The opening scenes and sunrise of the 12HR are always fantastic.
...then the rain came. Didn't catch too many out. The Bimmer got caught doing a Whincup/Perkins/Ambrose into the cutting.

Lapped traffic really eased the pressure for the Porsche/Campbell. But that's endurance racing.
Well done to the winners, and basically everyone who finished. The top 8 were on the lead lap, and within earshot of winning.

Rossi was impressive - would he be the best to come from (a highly successful) 2 wheels to 4?
Jaxon Evans was great too. Ended up costing his team a podium, but if a gaps is there... you know the rest.

I enjoyed the race for the segments that I watched.

More races to come at PI, Tailem Bend, Ipswich, SMP and back to Bathurst again (which just lost their World TCR main card for that weekend).

Thanks for the topic move, LG :).
"Ford's Bathurst winning bonus didn't even cover the cost of the after-party" - Allan Moffat, 1977