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Auckland All Ford Day 2024

Started by Bloopy, April 12, 2024, 08:51:53 PM

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I'd been meaning to photograph some shiny classic Fords with my current compact camera for years, and I finally got to do it last weekend.

The turnout was awesome. I'm just posting a small sample. I'd never seen so many Fords in one place before, that's for sure. ;D Celebrating 60 years of the Mustang and there must've been about forty or more of those from the 1960s alone.

Ambro arrived after the gate opened to the public, so you may spot some non-Fords in the background:


Top photo, Anglia's and Prefects, love it

stevo qld

Loved the Anglia's, particularly yellow. One of these was my favorite racecar albeit tickled with Cortina, Lotus and Zephyr parts as a Sports Sedan.
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some beauties in there. thank you! - check out the photos after race weekend!