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2024 Indy 500

Started by skaifeman, May 23, 2024, 02:35:42 PM

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This year will be 10 years since I attended the event. Well worth it for anyone thinking about it!

McLaughlin sits on the pole, leading an all Penske top 3. Power 2nd and Newgarden 3rd.
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it's on my bucket list, together with a trip to the Jim Beam distillery, a nascar race and WOO sprint car event.
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It has been an interesting year wherein the teams of the series owner were caught being naughty in Round 1 and DQ'd.  How do you punish the owner of the series?  Well, I guess you let him punish his own team.

I just hope this year's 500 doesn't try for the "must end under green" unwritten rule like last year. 

On a sidebar, there looks like some rain in the forecast.  Some media outlets are actually talking that the race might be run on TUESDAY, for Monday looks like a total washout.  This could impact Kyle Larson doing the Indy/NASCAR double.  I can see him playing it by ear, but I am also guessing the 500 will be run at all costs and NASCAR moved to the back burner.

Let's hope for a good one though!
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stevo qld

C'mon Aussie c'mon. Power to win.

NZ 2 and 3.

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Quote from: stevo qld on May 25, 2024, 11:14:55 PMC'mon Aussie c'mon. Power to win.

NZ 2 and 3.

Could very well happen, although I think Scott Dixon is already saving fuel!   :D
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