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Gen 3

Started by LG, May 12, 2021, 08:19:03 AM

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The outcome of the 'crisis meeting' yesterday with the teams really raises more questions.
Unless both homologation teams are way further ahead than we are led to believe, I still don't see how they will be racing them at the beginning of next season.

"Supercars has earmarked testing of its Gen3 car to get underway midway through this year."
Do they realise it's already mid May?


Anything less than a flawless rollout of this project and Seamer has to get the boot.


It seems like a hot mess at the moment


Any bets they will wrap a Camaro around the current chassis to save face?
Ford Faithful


Camaro won't fit in any shape or form around the current chassis.
They'd be more likely to run the current shape for another season.


Just what the series would need, another bastardized body shell. ::)

Really this is just Trans Am but more expensive.


Quote from: AlbertM on May 13, 2021, 12:08:43 AM
Any bets they will wrap a Camaro around the current chassis to save face?
I would say you have a safe bet there Albert...

Throw a Dodge in there 2 for fun... :)


I dont why it has to be only American based. Why not try and take a gamble and throw a Asian or Euro make in there?


Other brands don't appear interested I guess


 I bet they make a dogs breakfast of it. ;D


Now they plan to introduce Gen3 mid season to enhance the prospect of selling off the category?
What a bunch of fools!


Is it just me or does anyone else think SC's have lost the plot with what the sport is about?  I know I have been going on about 'production' racing for years, surely it must go full circle eventually

Fans are walking away from SC's in the droves, I know the millennials are more interested in other things, but it doesn't seem to me that SC's are looking to attract that audience and they should for the sport to survive


It's becoming more of a joke every day.
Staff told to stay home last Tuesday so they could have the meeting, teams seemingly gagged...


It's so embarrassing... why can't it just be easy?


I'm starting to wonder just how much life this organisation has left. From the outside it looks like a dead man walking.

Looking backwards, Tony Cochrane is not looking so bad after all🤣🤣
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